Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Silly Colors

I've been chugging along on that angel...the colors confuse and intrigue me.  LOL
They are much more....1970s?....than the model picture would seem.  And yet they fascinate me....  Even that gold, which is the horrid Kreinik filament (I stripped the carrier thread, and I'm not sure if that made it better or worse).  I'm going to add gold and turquoise glass beads around the purple and green "diamonds" in her gown (the pattern already called for metallic, and I'm tired of metallic!), and I also decided to do the hands and face over-one.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekend Plans

A bout of indecisiveness made it impossible for me to start my jaunty triangular Santa - green fabric?  Which one?  I don't have a lot of greens....should I poke about for a new piece?  LNS?  Online?  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

So I started something else.  And once again, it is a design I've never seen anyone else stitch, although I'm sure it is out there in the world somewhere; it is from a 1977 kit, after all.
I started Marbek/Serendipity Designs' "Star Angel."  Now, I don't typically like angels, but to me she doesn't LOOK like your typical angel.
(That is the model picture.)  I'm stitching her on a piece of cobblestone linen instead of the boring old ivory Aida that was in the kit, but I'm keeping the floss colors the same.  Oooo!  But I COULD swap in some beads in her gown....or in parts of that star she's holding.  The kit came with Kreinik, but the more bling, the better, I always say...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Speaking of Santa...

Months (years?) ago, someone posted a finish on the 123Stitch board that I absolutely loved - Astor Place's "Red St. Nicklaus."  They didn't want to part with the pattern, so I began hunting.  I found it from an Amazon seller for $14.95, but that seemed like a ridiculous price for a 1980's-era pattern, so I passed that by.  I scoured eBay and Etsy, and never managed to catch one  Strangely, the companion "Green St. Nicklaus" seemed to be a dime a dozen; and yes, I did acquire one, although it didn't make me want the red one any less.  And then, last week.....I opened eBay on a whim and did a quick search.....and there he was.  For $3!!  And now he is MINE.

I love him.  He's just so jaunty!!

I think I might stitch him without that border, and find a fun frame.  I could do the green one, too....but the green one faces to the side, despite being the same size.  Not sure I'd display them together, because the green dude looks snooty (vs. jaunty!).

Monday, November 13, 2017

Time Flies

For years, my husband has played Santa.  It is one of his favorite things to do during the holiday season, and it brings him great joy.  When he was approached by our daughter's daycare, he was hesitant, but decided to go ahead with it and see if she figured out it was her father behind the artificial beard and red suit.

She never caught on.  And these will always be some of my favorite pictures....

This year, my husband was asked to be Santa for a local town's parade the day after Thanksgiving, and to do "Breakfast and Pictures with Santa" prior to his ride down main street on the fire truck.  The event is about 45 minutes from our home, and getting into character takes him at least half an hour.  He needs to arrive by 8 am, and probably won't be home until mid-afternoon.  As we tried to figure out the logistics of this - how and when and where he could change, particularly since some family friends wanted to meet all of us for lunch in the town where he'd be after the parade - he suggested maybe it was time to reveal the secret.
*sniffle*  So she now knows that her dad is one of "Santa's helpers" - because she's already accepted that not every Santa is the REAL one.  She's 7, and I think I was about that age when I started snooping around the house for hidden Christmas gifts, so I don't think we've ruined any magic...and yet.  It hurts a bit to let her in on such a "grown-up" secret...  (She isn't crying in the pic above - I just caught her mid-blink!  She wasn't sad, just a bit confused and over-whelmed, and she REALLY wants to tell all her friends.  We had her call her best friend's mom and talk about it, which helped.)

And since this is a stitching blog....progress on Santa's favorite drink.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Another Confession

I think I've gone to prim side.

I've always said I don't like the prim designs....but then I found some of the European designers (namely, The Primitive Hare and Giulia Manfredini, plus a few others), and I absolutely loved their use of color and design.  As I've mentioned in the past, colors get me every time!  So I was in Joann Fabric over the weekend, and this followed me home...
The little bird on the spool, and the "Winter Sheep"?  Too cute.  I couldn't help myself.  :)

And while I still need to get the little zombie girl finished, I also just had to start something new.
Little House Needleworks' "Hot Cocoa," on a piece of natural 32-ct. linen.  The white DOES show up better IRL - although it was charted for ecru and I swapped in white, since my fabric is a bit more tan than the one used in the model.  (I actually started this twice, because my first choice - a 28-ct. homespun shade - was way too light, and even the brighter white barely showed.)

Obviously the time of year when I get startitis is approaching - cold weather makes me want to curl up and stitch 24/7, and plot new projects.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Ribbit All the Way

Well, I missed the posting deadline for the Smalls SAL, but I DID finish a small!  This is my nephew's ornament (name concealed for privacy).
The frog was a design from "501 Cross Stitch Designs" by Sam Hawkins.  I added the hat myself (WHY there aren't more holiday frogs, I'll never know), and charted the name and date for the back.  It is finished on a 3" metal finishing form, and I made the twisted cord myself to coordinate with the frog - I believe it is DMC 699.  The jewel-headed pins are anchored with a bit of glue, mostly for decoration and contrast but also to hide the end of the cord just a bit!  (I think there may be a bit of not-quite-dry Aleene's tacky glue showing in the pic of the back, where I snipped the cord tail - that has since dried clear.)

In other news, my in-laws were here visiting until Sunday, and I hate time changes (in either direction).  I felt foggy and off my game all day yesterday, and very little stitching has been happening.  Ah well.  All things in their own time!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

More than Half-way

Zombie progress continues.

And an update on the basement/Craft Cave...
A few people have asked if there is anything I need in the way of replacements.  At this point, I think I have to graciously decline....most of the stuff I lost was rather random and without any planned use (some old scrapbooking papers, fabric remnants, pipe cleaners and bits of felt, stuff like that).  I'm taking this as a sign that it is time for me to find a better way to organize and store the things I really care about, and use the things I have.  Also, the bigger mess was over on the other side of the basement, where the previous owners had a lovely (harhar) thin wall-to-wall carpet.  We've been spending our evenings cutting up the worst of it, and trying to plan some sort of affordable renovation - something we've talked about for years anyway!  Here's a sample of what the non-Craft Cave side of the basement currently looks like....
We've always referred to this as the Man Cave side....and there is a creepy hallway dividing the Craft Cave from the Man Cave.  Since the "cave" walls aren't load-bearing, I suggested we take out the Man Cave wall, thereby opening up the basement into one big room with my little Craft Cave opening off if it.  Then we could paint the concrete floor, clean up/update the walls (currently 1970s wood paneling!), put down some area rugs, and have a nice clean area to serve as a bit of family room overflow space.  We'll see. Neither of us are really DIYers, and finding good, affordable contractors out here seems ridiculously difficult.