Sunday, November 11, 2018

Making a Dent in the Finishing Pile

I spent my Saturday night putting together this little flat fold.
"Smooth Sea" by Raging Stitches
stitched on "mystery" 28-ct. evenweave, with DMC flosses
Flat fold finish using the Twisted Stitcher's tutorial

Thursday, November 08, 2018


Last weekend I decided to spoil myself a bit.  Back in August I signed up for a finishing class at Needleworker's Delight in NJ - about 3.5 hours away from my home.  The piece was a darling mermaid by White Lyon Needleart, and since I had enough Marriott points to get a free night in a nearby hotel, I just couldn't resist.  Here's my finished piece (minus the silver clay crab that I made there - it has to be fired and will be sent later).
Isn't she adorable?!?  The hardest part was getting the mermaid on to the laser-cut finishing form...all those curves were maddening.  But I persisted, and am pretty pleased with the finished product!  The pearls hide a multitude of sins, as well.  And of course, I did mine different from many of the other ladies in the class.  First of all, I made my tail shorter.  I mean, the physics of a giant tail just don't work....she'd never be able to swim if her tail fin was 3 times the size of her body!  (Yes, I can suspend disbelief enough to accept that there might be mermaids, but not the physics of a huge tail fin.  Shut up.)  I also added turquoise seed beads between the pearls on the edge, and I added beads to her tail as well.  Mmmmm, beads.  I embellished her stand with some green yarns (seaweed!), beads, shells, and a piece of sea glass.  I'm planning to put my little silver crab on the sea glass.  And finally, I tied my own purple ribbon onto the top of her staff and stitched the starfish charm to that to secure the whole thing.
She's a perfect addition to all my mermaid-y pieces, and I had a good time working on this.  It was definitely a day-long finishing project, and Needleworker's Delight was a great place to work (and shop!).  Since I was there, I did do a wee bit of shopping....I brought home a piece of 40-ct natural linen (my LNS always seems to have a hard time ordering high counts for me), a limited edition doll kit from Cherished Stitches, and an old Dragon Dreams pattern my daughter might like.  Here's the little doll kit:
And now that I'm back home, I want to start something new.  Maybe Thanksgiving-themed?  Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Holiday Decor

I work in a college library, and one of my favorite yet most frustrating job duties is creating rotating displays in several different locations.  So when I saw a post on Facebook where someone had attached googly eyes to a book cover...I ran with it.
And then I added my stitching, because 1) it was something different and eye-catching, and 2) I have more than enough at home already, so I might as well share it with the world!

This whole display just makes me smile.  The googly books, the stitched pieces, the leaves (which were actually table scatter from my wedding decor!)....

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Finally Assembled

This has been sitting in my finishing pile for too I decided it was time to get out some trim and glue and put it together!
The pattern is Samplers and Such's "Tin Toppers Tin of the Month Club: August - Kokopelli Sunset," stitched as charted and finished as the top of an Altoid tin (wintergreen, instead of the peppermint red tin!).  The trim is a twist of jute twine, and the straight pin holds it all together.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Getting Along Swimmingly

I finished "M is for Mermaid"!  And I love how it came out.
This little design is by Heartstring Samplery, and I stitched it on 40-ct. so it would fit this (perfect!) frame I found at JoAnn Fabric.  The frame opening was only 5 inches, and the pattern, if stitched as charted on 32-ct., fit a 6 inch opening.  I also made some floss substitutions, a few DMC - included with the chart, thankfully- and a few other hand-dyed flosses that I thought worked well.  I love it!

I've also made some progress on Marbek's "Seaside Angel" (or Maiden, in this case, since I plan to omit the wings and halo). 

I didn't realize from the picture just how much metallic there was in this one - all around the dark purple flowers there are "leaves" stitched in #4 Kreinik braid, and one of green swirly segments is actually turquoise blending filament (used alone, 2-ply).  And the sleeve cuff - in the second picture - is sky blue blending filament.  When I stitched the cuff, I actually stripped the polyester carrying thread from the blending filament - it made it MUCH more sparkly and (IMHO) easier to stitch with.  Not that stitching with blending filament is every truly easy....  I left the carrier thread in the turquoise section that I stitched, because I discovered that it was a faint green tint and gave the thread a true turquoise color that was visibly different from the sky blue cuffs.
This one is going to be a long-term project, for sure.  And for now I've tucked it away, since I'm feeling like I want to get back to Modern Folk Embroidery's "Secret Sky" for a bit.  Plus, you never know when a small or 2 might sneak in there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another small

I've posted this on Instagram and Facebook already, but I do so love sharing...  :)

This is a small pattern designed by a member of a Facebook group.  She posted to the group that she needed some model stitchers, and I volunteered!  So if you like this pattern, it can be purchased on Etsy here.  There are other cute, fun patterns in the shop, however, I'll warn you now that some are a bit....irreverent.  After all, the shop's tagline IS "This Ain't Your Grandma's Stitchin'"!  The designer did a whole series of "naughty" princesses inspired by the Disney stable of characters...

Lately I've gone a bit crazy with starts and planned finishes.  Really need to get to stitching...but sometimes the planning and starting is more fun....  LOL  But I think I should have the Heartstring "M is for Mermaid" piece done soon, then it will be back to one of the bigger pieces for a bit.  Maybe.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Still Sweating

I don't know where you all live, dear readers, but the weather here in the Northeast US has been ridiculously steamy.  My Little started school yesterday, and came home a sweaty, sticky mess (her school does not have air conditioning).  So it seems only appropriate that, in an attempt to think about cooler climes, I started stitching Heartstring Samplery's "M is for Mermaid" pattern!  Here it is, along with the frame I'm planning to use when it is finished.
The frame is one that I picked up at JoAnn Fabric, on sale a couple months back.  I'm stitching on 40-ct. so it will fit (the design is charted to be 6" on 32-ct., but the frame opening is only 5").  I also didn't have all the flosses called for, so I've subbed in some DMC and some alternate hand-dyes.