Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another small

I've posted this on Instagram and Facebook already, but I do so love sharing...  :)

This is a small pattern designed by a member of a Facebook group.  She posted to the group that she needed some model stitchers, and I volunteered!  So if you like this pattern, it can be purchased on Etsy here.  There are other cute, fun patterns in the shop, however, I'll warn you now that some are a bit....irreverent.  After all, the shop's tagline IS "This Ain't Your Grandma's Stitchin'"!  The designer did a whole series of "naughty" princesses inspired by the Disney stable of characters...

Lately I've gone a bit crazy with starts and planned finishes.  Really need to get to stitching...but sometimes the planning and starting is more fun....  LOL  But I think I should have the Heartstring "M is for Mermaid" piece done soon, then it will be back to one of the bigger pieces for a bit.  Maybe.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Still Sweating

I don't know where you all live, dear readers, but the weather here in the Northeast US has been ridiculously steamy.  My Little started school yesterday, and came home a sweaty, sticky mess (her school does not have air conditioning).  So it seems only appropriate that, in an attempt to think about cooler climes, I started stitching Heartstring Samplery's "M is for Mermaid" pattern!  Here it is, along with the frame I'm planning to use when it is finished.
The frame is one that I picked up at JoAnn Fabric, on sale a couple months back.  I'm stitching on 40-ct. so it will fit (the design is charted to be 6" on 32-ct., but the frame opening is only 5").  I also didn't have all the flosses called for, so I've subbed in some DMC and some alternate hand-dyes.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Summer's End

I've seen a bunch of "end of summer" blog posts popping up in my feed, so I figured I'd follow the trend.  It feels like the older I get, the shorter summers (and everything else!) become...

My Little spent last week with her grandparents, and we topped off the summer with a final trip to the pool yesterday.  We tried to go back today, but arrived just as a big thunderstorm rolled in, and waiting that out just wasn't something any of us wanted to do.  There was even hail!  I'm a little bummed, because I felt like we spent the whole summer juggling schedules and day camps and work and not enough time just enjoying long lazy summer days.  And childhood summers are so few....  But there was a trip to Legoland, some local festivals and fairs, plus bike rides and fun with friends when we could arrange it.  I'm sure she'll have good memories.

As for stitching, I'm ready to break out the autumn!  I actually finished this today, when we came home after the foiled pool visit.
"Witch's Pantry" by Plum Pudding NeedleArt, in JCS Sept/Oct 2012

Stitched on 28-ct. fabric, it was a wee bit too wide for the little box finish I had in mind...but I was determined to make it work.  :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Jaunty Santa is jaunty!

"Red St. Nicklaus" by Astor Place
stitched 30-ct. Garden State Java
I just love this little guy.  It is an older pattern, and it was really a bear to track down!  I left off the border, because I'm hoping to try a triangular finish on a plywood "tree."  And sadly (before anyone asks), I'm just not ready to part with the pattern - not that I'll ever stitch it again, but I like it enough that you never know!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

All My Little Boxes

I've shared this on Facebook, but figured it warranted a blog post as well...here are all but one of the jewelry boxes I've customized.

A close-up of the sheep box - a design from Homespun Elegance.

(I gave this one to my mom, so it isn't in the group picture.)

The one that is missing is the one my mother bought from me to give to her friend as a birthday gift.  Her friend loved it, so I'm pleased (and $40 richer...!).  They are just so much fun to play with!  I have a few more boxes, just looking for designs that are the right size/shape.  Hunting for the boxes has become a hobby in itself - I can't drive past a thrift store or yard sale without stopping to look around for one....

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Yet another jewelry box

After making a bunch of box tops, I found this little armoire and decided to try a box DOOR...
...and I think it came out pretty well!  I thought about replacing the smaller square as well, but I liked the effect of the roses side-by-side. The design is from Sam Hawkins' "501 Cross Stitch Patterns" book.

The inside:
The stitched piece, with the backing, is a bit thicker than the glass that I removed, but the brackets still hold it in securely.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


This little guy was another one of my planned starts for Maynia...I didn't actually start him in May, but he was nicely kitted and ready to go, which is half the battle for me.  So here he is, "Red St. Nicklaus" by Astor Place.
I love him - he's just so jaunty!!  The green fabric makes me quite happy (it is the last of my 30-ct. Garden State Java), and I'm going to stitch him without the rectangular border used in the original design.  Then I'm going to mount him to a triangular plywood "tree" that I picked up in the after-Christmas sales at Joann Fabric.

I also finished yet another re-purposed jewelry box - I'm up to 5 now.  I've given one to my mom, and she actually BOUGHT another one from me to give as a birthday gift to one of her friends, but that still leaves me with 3 finished boxes and at least 2 or 3 more boxes waiting my finishing corner for the right piece.  I really need to find a way to sell them....other than Mom, that is!