Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Flowers

A while back I started a Pinterest board with novel finishing ideas, and I was looking for a reason to try this little flower idea.  Well, when my friend with 2 daughters jokingly requested "payment" in needlework for picking up my daughter after school (my daughter and her oldest are great friends), I saw the perfect opportunity!

The little sunbonnet girls were freebies I stitched a few years ago, and I 3" finishing forms to make the flower centers.  Everything else came from Michaels - the glass bottle was actually on clearance, and I had a coupon to use on the ribbon, so it was a pretty inexpensive finish as well.

And here is my goofy, wonderful friend upon receiving it.  <3

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Because It's What I Do

When I'm distracted...can't focus....feeling overwhelmed.... I either a) organize my stash and/or b) start something new.  And some organization DID happen before I started this -
"Mahogany Flowers" by Samplers and Such
This is just a little bit of a thing I picked up in that darned freebie pile.  The pattern picture is stitched in GAST Cherry Bark, but I wanted to use this unnamed HDF silk instead.  It has an octagonal border, and I think it will make a sweet little box top when it is finished (it is about 3.5-4" in diameter).

Monday, May 15, 2017

Contemplation and a Confession

As I mentioned in my last post, I raided the freebie/exchange pile at Celebration last week.  One of the patterns I picked up was Mirabilia's "Ring Around the Rose Tree," thinking that by the end of the summer my mother might have 4 granddaughters.  Of course, she might also have 3 granddaughters and a grandSON...which has led me to start thinking about how I might be able to change the pattern.  (At least I won't need to add any children, as my sister will be done after this one and DH and I are not having any more either.)
(Pic snagged from a Chinese site)
So I'm thinking the little girl in the back right, the one in the pink dress, might be the easiest to change.  A good bit of her lower body is hidden, she doesn't overlap any others, and her side profile means no "legs" to define.  What do you I crazy?  (And I'm also hoping reeeeeally hard that my sister has a girl.  LOL)

And now my confession.  Evidently someone at Celebration got rid of ALL their Mirabilia stash.  I wasn't too grabby, because I know I can't stitch all that I'd like to think I will, but in addition to Ring Around the Rose Tree I snagged "Garden Verses."  When I got home and was fondling/filing all my new stash, I discovered that I already had a copy of that one!  So I listed one of them on eBay.  I set the opening bid at $12, because while I DID want to get a little money for it, I wasn't out to get rich.  Well, it sold for almost $30!  I had no idea it was such a hot commodity.  Most of my stash that I've sold on eBay, I've felt lucky to get ONE bid, much less 5 or 6.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Celebration 2017 Recap

Last week/weekend I was once again in Nashua, NH for Celebration of Needlework.  It is my mom-cation, my guilty pleasure, my me time, and I. LOVE. IT.  Four lovely nights of sprawling alone across a king-sized bed, no small person asking for food at 6 am, watching crime shows on TV and stitching with my friends for days....not to mention the shopping mall!  I met friends, both old and new, and had a lovely time.  And I even finished something -
Judith Kirby's "Victorian #14," done!
I also started on the Letters from Nora "M" fairy, something I've had kitted for years and promised to my daughter.

I also acquired an embarrassing amount of new stash.  I was determined not to shop TOO much, but it is just so tempting.  And I also brought home many cast-offs from the freebie piles - granted, I left more than few of my own.  My most notable acquisitions:

  1. From Rosewood Manor - "Flowers, Awake!" and "Wise Owl."  I also bought fabric for Flowers Awake, and because I felt like the Barnwood used for the model was too dark for the green lettering, I picked a piece of 30-ct. Dark Chino instead.
  2. Mani di Donna's "Mermaid Song Sewing Box."  I may not finish it as a box, know....  (Also, there were several European designers at the show this year.  Really hard to resist things that I don't typically see in my LNS!)
  3. Threads from Romy's Creations.  I had another one of Simona's designs that called for Romy's flosses, and there were a few more colors I just couldn't resist.
  4. Fabrics - in addition to the Dark Chino for Flowers Awake, I impulsively bought a piece of gorgeous blue ("Cersei" from Hand-dyed by Stephanie), a burgundy red solo from Silkweaver, and a piece of Dapple from Picture This Plus.
  5. A small kit from Olde Colonial Designs.  Every year I buy some "little" that catches my eye....some years I actually stitch said little.
And finally from the stash abandoned by others - I found Plum Street Samplers Cinnamon Stars, a pile of old Told in a Garden Amish designs (and I'm actually working like mad to stitch up "Friendship Quilt" and finish it as a little pillow for a coworker who is retiring on Friday), Ink Circles' Turrets and Town, a few Homespun Elegance patterns that I couldn't pass up, a Prairie Schooler Santa card that I didn't have....oh, lovely free stash.

Already looking forward to next year...

Friday, April 28, 2017

Smalls SAL - April

In addition to the pillows in the last post, this month I stitched up this little tin topper design from Samplers and Such.  Here is "Kokopelli Sunset," posing with the tin that it will eventually top.
I stitched it as charted with DMC, and the sun button was included with the chart.  I did use some generic turquoise beads from Michaels, rather than buying the Mill Hills that were listed.

Now, off to pack and plan for Celebration next week!!!

ETA: a few people have asked about 1) how to finish a tin and 2) what to do with it afterwards.  :)  Here is another post with one of my tin projects:
Stitching Lady Tin Topper
And one more, a Halloween exchange.
Hilda & Frankie

So it looks like I usually put small scissors in the tins.  You could also use them for needles, beads, buttons...or you could refill them with mints, I suppose!

The finishing itself is simple, but a bit fiddly.  I make a finishing form out of matboard, a bit smaller than the tin top.  Check this several times to make sure your stitched piece fits the way you want!  Then I add some batting, and lace the stitched piece to it.  Glue it to the tin with some adhesive (I've used everything from Aleene's to E6000 - it all depends on how much patience you have/how much fiddling you want to do before it sets!), and add some cording or ribbon for a finished edge.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pillows Everywhere

Last year my mom asked me for a "little something" to put in a basket for a raffle prize at one of my dad's National Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation dinners (evidently in addition to the guns and trips and hunting gear, they have a separate table of "ladies" prizes).  So I stitched a teacup and made it into a pillow, and we added an antique teacup, some fancy teas, and a gift certificate to....Barnes & Noble?  Target?  Anyway, somewhere.  THIS year, she wants to do a gardening-themed basket, so I pillowified something I stitched a couple years ago.
It is a Rosewood Manor greeting card design called "With In."  I like it, but the quote is not definitively an Emerson quote, so I don't mind giving it away!  (I know, I know, Crazy Person Logic.  Still, you are talking about the stitcher who modified a sampler because a quote had been paraphrased.)  The backing fabric is the same as the bow.

And then I pulled out this little kit and decided it was time to finish it, too.  This is an exclusive kit from Summer House Stitche Works, called "Pretty Maids."  The package is marked "2015 Celebration of Needlework," so I'm not sure if it is available anywhere else anymore.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Rising From the Ashes

I was rooting around in the spare room closet the other day, and found "Family Treasure III" hiding in there.  I decided it needed some love, so I took it out and finished my lazy daisy flowers (the pattern  had little heart-shaped things there, but I didn't like them).

This isn't even halfway done, and I have no idea how long it will take at this point.  There are many bands of flower-like things to go, and they are all in regular cross stitch, which gets monotonous!  So then I get creative, and start changing things...and then I get annoyed with the fiddliness of the changes....and so it goes.  :)