Framed Finishes

Little House Needleworks, "Little Women Virtues - Reading"
framed by The Framing Shop, Olean, NY, August 2012
Rosewood Manor, "Happiness Is"
framed by Hobby Lobby, January 2012

Fresh Threads Studio, "Butterfly Buggy Birth Announcement"
framed by Jill Rensel, August 2010
framed by me, August 2010
Cricket Collection, "Reading Sampler"
framed by Corning Art & Frame, November 2008
Wedding sampler
framed by Barb Neuroh
The Crafty Scot, "Wee Shepherd" (birth announcement)
framed by Barb Neuroh
Gateway poem, framed by Barb Neuroh

Wedding sampler using Sweetheart Tree's "Enchantment" Teenie Tweenie
framed by Barb Neuroh, 2007
Cricket Collection, "Old Books"
framed by Barb Neuroh
Bridgette Kozma, "Marsh Marigolds on Logan's Creek"
framed by Barb Neuroh
Something in Common, "Woodland Sampler"
framed by Barb Neuroh
Butternut Road, "Once Upon a Time"
framed by Barb Neuroh
Barbara Baatz, "Flower Faerie"
framed by Barb Neuroh, gift for Lois

Decision Made

After monkeying with the shells and beads some more, I decided to take them all off... ...and I think I like it best this way.  I did add...