Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to car stitching

As the weather is FINALLY resembling spring around here, I've reclaimed my Wednesday morning stitching time in the car.  This is Rosewood Manor's "Within", a card design I picked up at Celebration of Needlework last year.
The text is supposed to stitched in DMC 645, but that color was too close to the fabric color, so I used the darkest blue-green called for in the pattern instead (I think it is DMC 3768).  All the pretty bright colors in this little sampler make me so happy!

In other happy news, I received a lovely package in the mail from Cathy over at I Love to Stitch.  I entered the Pay It Forward chart stash giveaway, and although I wasn't chosen as the next recipient, Cathy sent me 2 cute little charts and some needles!  I don't have a picture on hand at the moment, but she sent LHN's "Be Thankful" (adorable white pumpkins) and another sweet small alphabet sampler with crows - I think it will be perfect for the "basket of bird smalls" I've been envisioning.  Thank you, Cathy!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Just Nan Check-in

Another Just Nan finish!  Two (small) finishes in 3 months - not too shabby.
This is Nan's part of a Collaboration Sampler, a freebie issued back in...the late 90's, I think?  I don't have the pattern in front of me now, so I'm not positive.  The other parts are by Shepherd's Bush and Charland Designs.  I left the border off of this, because I thought it made it look too busy.  I also substituted for the beads - there are only 6 of them, so 1) you can barely tell and 2) it just wasn't worth buying a whole pack for that!  So mine is pink where the pattern called for what I believe was an iridescent purple.

I think I might finish this as a little cube, but I haven't decided yet....

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Confession...

I had big plans for this little project.  It was going to be a gift for a friend's wife -- I was sending him a woodworking book that was weeded from our library collection (he builds gorgeous furniture), and thought I should include a little something for his wife.

That was back before Halloween.

I never got the ornie finished.  I never even sent the book.  And then I took this little guy to work with me (once it WAS finished) and decided I didn't want to part with it, anyway.

From the 2011 JCS Halloween issue - designer?
border and embellishments omitted
much swearing encountered while attaching berry trim

Saturday, March 15, 2014

mid-March progress

(And yikes, phone pics are crappy.  Sorry...)

First I've been working on Nan's section of an older freebie Collaboration sampler for this month's SAL piece.  As of today -
I think I will leave the border off...I started stitching it, but it just felt too busy so I frogged it out!

I also pulled the Dark Sorceress out of the WIP bin, and have made a bit of progress.  She now has 2 arms!  I suppose I ought to do her eyes, hmmm?

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Just Nan check-in

Well, I'm home from work today with an annoying head cold, so I had time to finish "My Fair Ladybug" and take a picture -

(Not the greatest picture, granted, but still!)  This was stitched as charted with DMC floss on a piece of Silkweavers' hand-dyed linen.  I made one change - I didn't use the ladybug charm!  My daughter informed me that "bugs are icky" and a flower would be better.  So I found a small pink bead and a gold bead cap that looked suitably flowery.  :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Photogenic Labyrinth

Here she is, all framed!

 I couldn't decide which pic was best, so I'm giving you all 3.  :)  The frame has a gold tint on the inside bevel that I just couldn't get to show up very well....  Also, the fabric is a tiny bit wavy around the center. After washing and pressing, I knew those bits were not lying flat, and I'd hoped that stretching would fix the rest.  However, as the framer said, it is due in part to the dense stitching in the center followed by the concentric circles -- the flower-like edges of the center create a different stress on the fabric.  Oh well, only a perfectionist (like me) will notice!  And it is going in DH's office at work, so it isn't as if I'll be looking at it all the time and grumbling.  LOL

In other news, I'm embarrassed to admit that I have enhanced my stash a bit this month.  I picked up Just Nan's "3 Santas" on eBay to use for the Just Nan SAL, and also found Shepherd's Bush "Gypsy Hearts" (the entire kit) for a song.  But other than that, I've been doing pretty well at stitching from my will be coming soon of "My Fair Ladybug" (now without a ladybug) and more progress on "Dark Sorceress."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daring to Begin...Finished!

Just a quick post to share this little finish...
"Daring to Begin" Sampler
Blackbird Designs, in "Summer Weekend" book

stitched over-one on 28-ct. linen
I've also worked a bit on "My Fair Ladybug," and got the Dark Sorceress out of the WIP bin for a few stitching sessions.  And....Labyrinth is FINISHED!!!!  I was so excited to get it done while DH was away on business that I didn't take a picture -- it was immediately washed, pressed, and taken to the framer.  It should be home this week or next, and I will be sure to share a pic then!