Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ranty Venting, feel free to ignore

So a while back I joined a Facebook group for stitchers to buy/sell/trade stash.  It was fun, I bought a few things, and I was always amazed at how quickly things were sold!
Last night I finally put together a pile of my things to sell.  There were a little more than a dozen patterns, nothing that (I thought) was terribly rare or interesting, so I priced them all relatively cheaply and crossed my fingers.  Well, in less than 5 minutes almost half of it was claimed!  I was excited.
This morning I had a message in my inbox accusing me of copyright violation, for posting a pattern that had no picture.  It was an older Cedar Hill pattern, and it was originally sold as a card with no picture.  When I photographed it, I had blurred the symbols a bit with my photo editor, but not so much that you couldn't tell what the design WAS.  The floss key was on the back, so that wasn't visible either.  I tried to point this out to the girl who complained, but she immediately banned and blocked me from the group.  I had things that people wanted to buy, and no way to contact them.  I was beyond annoyed, especially because I don't think I did anything wrong - in fact, I went out of my way to make sure that I would NOT do the very thing the admins were accusing me of!  Finally one of the admins sent me a list of who wanted to buy what, and while I'm glad for this, it also strikes me as odd....I mean, if you think I am a copyright violator and all-around bad person, why would you give me the means to get money from your other group members?  I mean, I could get their money via PayPal and disappear!  (For the record, NO, I wouldn't do that.)
I know I shouldn't be surprised by the level of stupid in the world, or by the evil joy some people take in abusing their "power" (however meaningless the power of a Facebook group admin may really be, I suppose if it is all you have you can get carried away).  I'm just so hurt to be accused of a COPYRIGHT crime, of all the ridiculous things.  Sigh.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Smalls SAL check-in

In addition to the boxes I stitched up and posted a few weeks ago, I also stitched and finished this Mermaid by Carriage House Samplings.  Stitched on a mystery piece of linen, with some changes made to the colors.  I didn't like the harsh black, so I used a blend of dark gray and a blue-black.  And some others I subbed out of necessity, can't remember now which ones.  Backed with some plain aqua-blue fabric and stuffed with crushed walnut shells.

In her bowl, a nifty blue glass thing I found at an auction for $1!  And I threw in some iridescent marbles from the Dollar Store.

Then I had my little glass mermaid pose in there as well.  More decorations for my mermaid bathroom.....

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Want to stitch all the things!!

I'm feeling stitch-obsessed lately.  After finishing the little boxes, I worked on Family Treasure III for a while...then I took out the Dark Sorceress (remember her?!?)...then I started a small....then I signed up for a fall exchange and dove right into stitching that, too.....

...and I've taken NO pictures.  I'm just totally unfocused!!  It isn't helping that both I and the Small One had a really nasty fever/coughing bug - it has been almost a week and we are FINALLY feeling better.  She's still coughing, and I have lost my voice, but the fevers are gone and I think we have turned a corner.  Ugh!  At least she seems to be enjoying school - although she tells me that they do "baby things" a lot.  I guess that is the price we pay for having a great daycare/preschool for the past 5 years.  She is definitely bored by the "counting to 10/learning letters/identifying colors" stuff!
And there she goes!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Note to self: never again!

I have a new-found respect for those of you who stitch the same design multiple times.  I finished up my four little boxes last week, and can I just say....NEVER doing that again!

Here they are, from the top:

The second shot shows the paper I attached to the inside with Modge Podge and then covered with a clear varnish.
And here are the insides.  The fabrics weren't all exact matches, but they were as close as I could get!  And what doesn't show in the any of the pictures very well is the felt I put on the bottom of each box.  Again, coordinating with the cording/bird/inside fabric.
I think my husband's grandmother would be pleased...the bird beads were from her jewelry stash!  I've recycled them into more than a few projects over the years.  The little boxes are for my stitchy friends, and will be delivered this weekend.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Little Mermaid Box

I stitched this little piece a couple years ago - it was Danish kit I picked up at Celebration.
And a couple weeks ago, I was inspired by a little box I found in the clearance shelves at Michael's and a tiny book from the "Fairy Tale" jewelry line at Hobby Lobby.  Today while my daughter was enjoying her first day of kindergarten, I finished this! (I propped it up against an aqua-colored t-shirt for the picture.)
The top box where the stitching is located is 4" x 6".  I made a twist of jute cord and sea green perle cotton to "frame" the stitching, and nestled a few teeny seashells in the "waves."  Below the stitching, the little book is in the center.  To the right is a mermaid cameo I found on eBay, with a few more shells (on perched on a glass stone).  To the left is Neptune's trident and a tiny jar with white sparkly sand and an even tinier shell in it.  The "waves" in that box are made of 2 pieces of scrapbooking paper cut with some of my fancy scissors, and a few squares of felt between them to give them some dimension in real life.  And then, just for the heck of it, I glued a bunch of the glass stones to the top as well (I got a big old bag of them at the dollar store, it seemed silly to just use ONE...).

I'm not sure if I totally love how this came out, but the three-dimensionalness of it makes me happy.  And my daughter thinks it is cute!  Hopefully it will be displayed in my mermaid-themed half-bath that hasn't happened yet.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August Smalls SAL

As I said earlier, this month has been a little crazier than I expected.  But I DID finish a small - here is "Carpe Noctem" from this year's JCS Halloween special issue.
I'd like to find a small, square frame for this one, since it came out a little larger than I was expecting.  (It is probably about...4 inches square, I'd say?)  I'm glad I swapped the colors around in "noctem," too.

Other than this, I've just been working on those little bird boxes as gifts for my friends - almost done stitching all 4 now, and I have 2 boxes completely put together.  With any luck I'll be able to share a pic of those soon!

A Bit of News and a Pattern Meme

As classes are starting at the college where I work AND we're trying to get everything in order to send a certain Small Human off to kindergarten soon, life has gotten a bit hectic.  I'll have a few pics to post for the Smalls SAL later, but not much else!

DH and I went to an auction this past Saturday, looking for a new dresser...I ended up buying an entire bedroom set for $70 and then sold the bed right there for $20, so I have a new dresser (plus a bonus nightstand and another cabinet that they included, even though it wasn't technically part of the set!) to refinish soon that only cost me $50.  Should be a fun project!  I was excited to get a solid wood crappy plastic rails to break.  That 's what happened to the "nice" dresser we bought at the furniture store.  Here's a pic of my finds  -
I also impulsively bid on a basket full of "needlework materials," as the auctioneer put it.  Turned out it was all cross stitch kits, and not too many that were my style - a lot of florals and Victorian street scene sort of things.  But I only paid $10, and I've already listed one or two of them on eBay and gotten enough bids to cover what I spent!  So score!  Oh, and there were 2 pairs of older German scissors in there, too - one pair marked "Klaas" and another with a name I can't remember.  I don't know if they are worth much/anything, but they still deserve a good cleaning and sharpening...

And to bring this back around to stitching, I'm going to play along with Stitch Bitch's fun little chart title meme.  Here are the instructions:"Answer the questions using cross stitch pattern names. The only rule is you would have to choose to stitch the design you pick--if you don't already own it, of course! EDITED: You should just like the chart enough, you're not committing to more work! Don't pick a design you hate because it's got a good title. Clearer?"

Are you male or female? Classic Woman (Lanarte - I think it was part of a kit, but I haven't seen it for sale in years!)
My own photo/finishing
Describe yourself. Marion the Librarian
(photo from Pinterest)
How do some people feel about you? Crabby (Year Round) - according to my mother...
(photo from Daffycat!)
How do you feel about yourself? I Will Always be a Wildflower

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest. Be Who You Are

Describe your best friend.  Circle of Friends

Describe where you currently live.  Messy....but MINE!

Where would you rather be? Cabin in the Woods

Describe what you want to be. Leaf on the Wind

Describe how you live.  Born to Stand Out

Describe how you love. Gypsy Heart

Share a few words of wisdom. Use What Talents You Possess

Now use a title to say goodbye.  Rest & Be Thankful

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Smalls SAL and another auction find

Last month, Heather challenged us to stitch a Christmas/winter-themed small in July.  So I found this little pattern in my stash - "Santa's Helper" by Cedar Hill.  I swapped out most of the colors (I used hand-dyeds for the bag, the tree and the lightest shade of brown on the raccoon), made the tie a lazy daisy bow instead of just a knot, and added 2 little copper beads to the ends of the tie.
It is stitched over 2 on a piece of blue linen from my "mystery" bin - and after trying both 2 threads and 1, I decided I liked it best stitched with just 1 thread over 2.

In other craft-related news,long-time readers might remember a few years ago when my dad found this 1950s-era sewing box for me at an auction.  Well, a week or 2 ago DH and I went to an auction looking for a new dresser.  We didn't find a dresser, but I DID spot this -
And it came home with me for just $30!  I haven't yet had the time or the nerve to try it out, but I'm looking forward to being able to finish the edges of the fabric I cut, if nothing else.