Thursday, June 16, 2016

A question!

Related to my latest finish - it is stitched on 32-ct. linen.  I started out stitching with 2 strands of floss, but quickly decided that I didn't like the bulky look that I was getting, and switched to one strand. Then last night I started another pattern on 32-ct. linen, and again found that 2 strands of floss just wasn't making me happy.  Now, I know so much about stitching is a matter of personal preference - "thread goes through needle, needle goes through fabric" being the only real "rule"! - but I just wondered what my readers might think/prefer.  I also wonder if it has something to do with the fabric - I've stitched over-2 with 2 strands of floss on 32-ct. evenweave without a problem, it seems to be just the linen that lends itself to the more delicate look of one strand.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Feel Like Dory Talking to Whales...

(for those familiar with the little fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in "Finding Nemo")...but "Mermaid Spoken Here" is finished!
"Mermaid Spoken Here"
White Lyon Needleart Designs
stitched on 32-ct. Zweigart Ice Blue Belfast linen using Thread Gatherer and HDF silks (many substitutions made)

I really love this one!  My mermaid obsession is showing, isn't it?  But now I'm off to try and pick something  that I can finish before the end of the month for the Smalls SAL - we have a bit of traveling to do as well, so portability will be a plus.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

"I Love This; Why Haven't I Stitched It" SAL

Over on the 123Stitch message board, one of the members started this fun little stitch-along.  The idea is to pick something you have in your stash and love, but just haven't gotten around to stitching.  Well, this little piece is something I picked up at Celebration of Needlework last year, and it has been sitting in my "to-be-started" pile on my desk ever since!  I even bought the flosses and a piece of 32-ct. linen for it, so there really was no excuse.... without further ado, here is White Lyon's "Mermaid Spoken Here."
The colors I'm using are not exactly the ones used in the model photo - when I bought this at Celebration, the designer had already sold out of some of them.  So we picked some that were close/made me happy, making this piece entirely mine!  And I don't think it will take me too much longer to finish.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Getting Creative Again

Earlier this week, I finished Bent Creek's "Black Sheep."
Cute little guy, isn't he?  And I was trying to figure out what to do with him.  Then I remembered something I'd seen at the craft store when I was looking for those little Tim Holtz pocketwatches - an assemblage clock.  So the wheels started turning...
I picked some fabrics, found the cutest little jointed bear amongst my collected bits of kitsch, and got to work.  I made a pattern of the block back with matboard, glued some fiberfill to it, and laced the stitched piece to that.
I glued the mounted piece to the clock back.  Then I lined the metal inside of the clock with fabric (that fabric is dark blue with little silver sparkles), and glued my little bear in place.  I made the bear a blanket with a contrasting fabric, and snapped the back on.  I embellished the outside of the clock with some twisted cording and beads.
And ta-da!!  Perfect for the little table in my guest room!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May Smalls SAL

This month's small is a completely finished and gifted project...and it could not have made my heart happier.  You see, I have a friend who has had a lot happen over the past few years.  The music of Dave Matthews got him through a lot of tough times, and a while back he mentioned that Dave would be playing an acoustic set with Tim Reynolds somewhat locally this summer.  Although he would love to attend, it simply wasn't realistic given his budget.
But I am a sneaky friend.
And then I saw Bent Creek's "Catch the Day" pattern in a giveaway pile at Celebrations, and it occurred to me that the design was about the same dimensions as a concert ticket.  And my friend is also a fisherman.

 This little pouch was perfect.  I stitched the design over-one on 28-ct. and swapped out the hand-dyed flosses for stuff I had.  Also, I did not make the little fish on the right-hand side yellow because who fishes for goldfish???  I tried to make it look a bit trout-like.  The funky backing fabric reminded me of fish and water, and you see all those buttons?  I ended up buying a giant pack of wooden buttons in order to find the one that I ended up using!  LOL  But I do love buttons, so I'm optimistic that I'll find uses for some more of them with time.  I do have to admit that my buttonhole isn't great.  I tried a true buttonhole stitch, but failed miserably, so I ended up putting some fusible interfacing between the fabric layers and just backstitching around the hole.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Because I'm crazy, that's why.

One of the things I love about going to Celebrations is pawing through other people's cast-off patterns and stitching supplies, and this year was no exception.  You've seen one of my finds already - Bent Creek's "Catch the Day" - and I'm currently stitching away on another Bent Creek, "Black Sheep" (this one I found complete with flosses, just had to find some fabric in my stash!).  No clue what I'll do with it when it is finished, but it is cute and makes me happy.  And isn't that the point?
But anyway.  One of the other booklets I picked up was "Stitch with Sudberry: Samplers II."  Now, for the most part, these aren't really my style...
...but I was drawn to the wording on the small clock pattern (pictured twice here, right under the booklet title - I'm sorry I couldn't find a better picture at the moment).  It says, "sharing makes us a kinder, gentler people," and it is a rather Quaker-esque design, with vines and a little couple at the bottom.  However, I have no intention of stitching this as a clock face.  So I've been hunting about for a pattern/part of a pattern that I can fit into the center.  And I've found a few possibilities from some old Gift of Stitching magazines...because I'm crazy....

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

To be the child of a crafter...

...means your mother (or father, as the case may be!) will invariably say, "I can make something like that!" when you mention some store-bought item your friends have.  This time, in anticipation of the first lost tooth, I made this:

This was a pattern from a Pine Mountain kit that I stitched up last year as part of the Smalls SAL.  Since the tooth in question is probably within a few days of falling out (!!!), I figured I needed to get cracking on this!  The little bag isn't perfect, but I think it is cute.  The front is a bit taller than the back, and the front edge is curved because I forgot to account for the height of the crown when I started sewing the lining to the bag.  And the side seam pulled apart a bit - darned opalescent fabric - so I hand-stitched a bit to reinforce the seam.  It probably won't last forever, but it will serve its purpose, and that's what matters.
We've convinced the Little Person that when she finally loses the tooth, she needs to hang the bag on the OUTSIDE of her bedroom door - thereby making things easier for the fairy.