Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Old Wednesday Ritual, Resurrected

On Wednesdays, I work from 10-6.  My daughter's daycare was about halfway between home and work, so in the past I would drop her off around 8 am (because they had breakfast there, and she liked it!), then pick up a cup of coffee at the local mini-mart and find a parking spot on campus to stitch for a little over an hour.  When she started school this year, my ritual slipped a bit....mostly because the school bus picks her up in the neighborhood, and the temptation to go back home and get some housework done often won out.  Well, today I decided it was time to stitch again.  :)
Stitching!  Coffee!  NPR!  Geek Paradise!
The design is from this 1987 calendar booklet by Laura Conley.  
I'm working on the lady from the lower right corner, and I plan to finish her into a scissor pocket - one of my auction finds over the summer included a couple pairs of older German scissors that need to be loved, and this idea hit me a few months ago.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A new year, another Smalls SAL

My first entry in the Smalls SAL - a little Santa ornament by Homespun Elegance from the 2015 JCS ornament issue.  I swapped out all of the flosses, in part because my fabric was darker than the one used in the model.  I like the end result, though!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Wrappin' It Up

I've joined the Smalls SAL again this year, but having completed the SAL last year I now have a significant pile of unfinished finishes in my workspace.  So along with stitching a small every month, I've decided I need to get cracking on some finishing!  It isn't part of the official SAL, more of a personal goal.  Last month I shared the Altoid tin topper, and here is my latest project.
This was my small from last February.  I finished it as a jar wrapper, and I'm really pleased with it!  I was planning to fasten it with snaps, but then I realized that since the jar was glass, I could simply sew the fabric together and "slide" it on (or off, if I want to make others).  And as part of this little project, I was able to use a spool of thread from an old stitcher's stash that my dad bought at an auction.  Seeing that little wooden spool on top of my sewing machine made my heart happy - it is always nice to think that someone's leftovers have been put to good use.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Belated Recap and a Finish!

2015 wasn't a terrible year for me stitching-wise...I finished more than 20 projects, but a lot of them (a majority, really) were smalls. But hey, a stitched thing is a stitched thing, right?!?!?  And here is my ort jar as of 12:00 AM 1/1.
You might notice that there is a lot of orange toward the top there....and that is because......

DARK SORCERESS IS FINALLY FINISHED!!  Yes, that's right, after almost 6 years as a WIP, she is done.  The pic doesn't quite show the bluey-purpleness of the fabric, but suffice it to say she is lovely.  I'm contemplating contacting Jill Rensel for framing, in part because the sides are pretty thin and I trust her to know what to do with it.  We shall see what the budget holds.
As for 2016, I have no big plans.  Right now, I'm getting started on another small, since I think I will join hte next round of the Smalls SAL.  Other than that, who knows...  May your 2016 be floss-filled and frog-free!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mail, the Smalls SAL, and Other Things

(Lots of pics here!)

First, I got a sweet and unexpected note from Rachel, my exchange recipient for the Autumn Exchange.  She sent me this package of winter signs - I'm already imagining potential projects that they might embellish!
And after a snafu with the Postal Service, I got my Autumn Exchange from my partner as well.  She made me this adorable fob stitched from a Prairie Schooler design, and included a pair of stork scissors and some DMC flosses.  Thank you Sharon!

With my week off between Christmas and New Year's, I decided to do some more finishing.  This is the "April Sewing Lady Tin Topper" by The Needle's Content, finished with an Altoid tin.  I didn't like the look of the red tin edge with the burgundy and green floss, so I took a hint from my previous box finish and wrapped the edges with jute twine.
I took the picture with the pattern picture so you can see the changes I made - adding hair to the lady, made her eyes blue, and used purple in her skirt in place of the dark green.  Oh, and I alternated the bobbins on the top and bottom.
Here is the inside, complete with a pair of "Tiny Gems" scissors and Sharon's lovely fob.  The pattern said to glue flannel to the inside of the top lid as well, but when I did that the tin didn't close properly, so I removed it.  And I made some twisted cord (to keep the scissor tips from "ramming" into the metal box!).

Finally, my December finishes for the Smalls SAL and my last finishes of 2015!
This little house is from the same issue of the UK Cross Stitcher magazine as the one I posted last month - I just decided to try one on navy fabric.  It just did not photograph well....
And here is my daughter's annual Christmas ornament.  This was a Sunflower Seed design from....2013? 2014?....the JCS Ornament issue, anyway.  The design said "Home," but I changed it to my daughter's name.  I also used different beads, and left off the white and green layers of the border (alluded to earlier in my rant about red flosses bleeding into white).

Friday, December 18, 2015

Another Box Top

Finished and gifted!  I'm so thrilled with how this turned out...and how it was received by my friend.
This is a freebie from Hands On Design.  I stitched it with my own color choices on 28-ct. Willow Green Jazlyn - the finished box top was about 3" x 5", maybe a little smaller.  Because the stitching was so close to the same size as the box top, I couldn't mount it to mat board first - I wrapped and glued it directly on to the box (with a bit of batting underneath).  Then I went around the sides with some jute rope, and finished it with twisted cording made with the same variegated blue that I used for the water. 
I like the inside almost as much as the outside, too.  Inside the lid I Modge-Podged a piece of "sky" scrapbooking paper, and around the sides of the bottom I used some paper that looked like sand.  Then I made a padded insert for the bottom with some blue fabric that looked like water, and added some more of the twisted cording just because.  Oh, and all the papers and the wood surfaces were covered with a coat of clear shellac, too.
My friend loved it.  I'm so glad...he is a very special guy, and I'm thrilled I could use my talents to make something that spoke to him.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stuck in my head

Finished this last night....promptly downloaded a certain song by Styx to add to my iPod playlist.  :)

This is the Hands On Design pattern that I linked to in yesterday's post, with several changes (mostly, I didn't have any of the flosses called for, so I improvised).  I think my favorite is the blue I used for the water - it is from the stash of old random threads my father found at an estate auction a few years ago.  Using up things that I have "inherited" like that always makes me feel that I am a part of something bigger, you know?  I can only hope that someday my remaining flosses, fabrics and doo-dads will be useful to someone else in some way.
Soon I will have this finish-finished into a gift.  More to come, after some gluing and Modge-Podging!!