Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Christmas Finish in June

A sweet little kit I ordered from Sandra over at Homespun Elegance - her "Hospitality of Christmas" design released at a stitching retreat in Williamsburg a few years ago.  Obviously, I changed the date...and put my initials where "WMBG" was charted on the left side.  I also have to confess to playing with some digital photo filters on this one - my pic was really washed out! 
Still trying to decide what to do with this little guy, since he ended up being just a wee bit too big for the recycled frame I was hoping to use.


Beth said...

Very nice - stitch what you love whenever you feel like it!

Kay said...

I do like this design, it is nice to find something a little bit different. x

Robin in Virginia said...

What a super finish! I say turn it into an ornament for your tree.