Friday, November 17, 2017

Weekend Plans

A bout of indecisiveness made it impossible for me to start my jaunty triangular Santa - green fabric?  Which one?  I don't have a lot of greens....should I poke about for a new piece?  LNS?  Online?  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

So I started something else.  And once again, it is a design I've never seen anyone else stitch, although I'm sure it is out there in the world somewhere; it is from a 1977 kit, after all.
I started Marbek/Serendipity Designs' "Star Angel."  Now, I don't typically like angels, but to me she doesn't LOOK like your typical angel.
(That is the model picture.)  I'm stitching her on a piece of cobblestone linen instead of the boring old ivory Aida that was in the kit, but I'm keeping the floss colors the same.  Oooo!  But I COULD swap in some beads in her gown....or in parts of that star she's holding.  The kit came with Kreinik, but the more bling, the better, I always say...


Kay said...

This is lovely. I haven't seen this design before anywhere. x

Robin in Virginia said...

What a lovely project to start and work on! Enjoy your weekend!