Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Speaking of Santa...

Months (years?) ago, someone posted a finish on the 123Stitch board that I absolutely loved - Astor Place's "Red St. Nicklaus."  They didn't want to part with the pattern, so I began hunting.  I found it from an Amazon seller for $14.95, but that seemed like a ridiculous price for a 1980's-era pattern, so I passed that by.  I scoured eBay and Etsy, and never managed to catch one  Strangely, the companion "Green St. Nicklaus" seemed to be a dime a dozen; and yes, I did acquire one, although it didn't make me want the red one any less.  And then, last week.....I opened eBay on a whim and did a quick search.....and there he was.  For $3!!  And now he is MINE.

I love him.  He's just so jaunty!!

I think I might stitch him without that border, and find a fun frame.  I could do the green one, too....but the green one faces to the side, despite being the same size.  Not sure I'd display them together, because the green dude looks snooty (vs. jaunty!).

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Robin in Virginia said...

The red one is the cuter of the two. I probably wouldn't stitch the border either. If you finished him flat, you could do a triangular shaped finish. Enjoy!