Friday, April 28, 2017

Smalls SAL - April

In addition to the pillows in the last post, this month I stitched up this little tin topper design from Samplers and Such.  Here is "Kokopelli Sunset," posing with the tin that it will eventually top.
I stitched it as charted with DMC, and the sun button was included with the chart.  I did use some generic turquoise beads from Michaels, rather than buying the Mill Hills that were listed.

Now, off to pack and plan for Celebration next week!!!

ETA: a few people have asked about 1) how to finish a tin and 2) what to do with it afterwards.  :)  Here is another post with one of my tin projects:
Stitching Lady Tin Topper
And one more, a Halloween exchange.
Hilda & Frankie

So it looks like I usually put small scissors in the tins.  You could also use them for needles, beads, buttons...or you could refill them with mints, I suppose!

The finishing itself is simple, but a bit fiddly.  I make a finishing form out of matboard, a bit smaller than the tin top.  Check this several times to make sure your stitched piece fits the way you want!  Then I add some batting, and lace the stitched piece to it.  Glue it to the tin with some adhesive (I've used everything from Aleene's to E6000 - it all depends on how much patience you have/how much fiddling you want to do before it sets!), and add some cording or ribbon for a finished edge.


Amy said...

So cute! How will you mount it on the tin? I have a tiny Altoids tin, and I've wanted to do something similar; no idea how to go about it, though.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I'm a new follower to your blog. What a nice design for the tin. I've never done one myself, but I have seen them done for charity where the tins were given to seniors to store little things like playing cards. Do you have a use for your tin? Hope you don't mind that I am "following" along. It's always nice to make new stitching friends.

cucki said...

Aw it's so cute
I love it x

Melinda Forbes said...

Thanks so much for sharing your finishing instructions for the tins. I think I will have to try this for sure

Mary H said...

Very nice! I love the southwest colors!

Mary said...

It is going to be such a cute tin once you finish it.

Michele Stravato said...

Love this. You've inspired me to try a tin of my own!

Astrids dragon said...

That is perfect for the tin, I can't wait to see it finished!
Great timing, I have one I'm ready to make into a prayer box. Thanks for sharing!