Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Celebration 2017 Recap

Last week/weekend I was once again in Nashua, NH for Celebration of Needlework.  It is my mom-cation, my guilty pleasure, my me time, and I. LOVE. IT.  Four lovely nights of sprawling alone across a king-sized bed, no small person asking for food at 6 am, watching crime shows on TV and stitching with my friends for days....not to mention the shopping mall!  I met friends, both old and new, and had a lovely time.  And I even finished something -
Judith Kirby's "Victorian #14," done!
I also started on the Letters from Nora "M" fairy, something I've had kitted for years and promised to my daughter.

I also acquired an embarrassing amount of new stash.  I was determined not to shop TOO much, but it is just so tempting.  And I also brought home many cast-offs from the freebie piles - granted, I left more than few of my own.  My most notable acquisitions:

  1. From Rosewood Manor - "Flowers, Awake!" and "Wise Owl."  I also bought fabric for Flowers Awake, and because I felt like the Barnwood used for the model was too dark for the green lettering, I picked a piece of 30-ct. Dark Chino instead.
  2. Mani di Donna's "Mermaid Song Sewing Box."  I may not finish it as a box, know....  (Also, there were several European designers at the show this year.  Really hard to resist things that I don't typically see in my LNS!)
  3. Threads from Romy's Creations.  I had another one of Simona's designs that called for Romy's flosses, and there were a few more colors I just couldn't resist.
  4. Fabrics - in addition to the Dark Chino for Flowers Awake, I impulsively bought a piece of gorgeous blue ("Cersei" from Hand-dyed by Stephanie), a burgundy red solo from Silkweaver, and a piece of Dapple from Picture This Plus.
  5. A small kit from Olde Colonial Designs.  Every year I buy some "little" that catches my eye....some years I actually stitch said little.
And finally from the stash abandoned by others - I found Plum Street Samplers Cinnamon Stars, a pile of old Told in a Garden Amish designs (and I'm actually working like mad to stitch up "Friendship Quilt" and finish it as a little pillow for a coworker who is retiring on Friday), Ink Circles' Turrets and Town, a few Homespun Elegance patterns that I couldn't pass up, a Prairie Schooler Santa card that I didn't have....oh, lovely free stash.

Already looking forward to next year...


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I had to google Celebration of Needlework. It sounds just lovely. I have a stitching retreat on my stitching bucket list...maybe some day. It sounds like you had a nice, relaxing time and were able to pick up a few goodies.

Barb said...

Your piece is so cute. Great job so far. Someday I may go to a stitching retreat, they sound like a lot of fun to go to.

Carol said...

So glad you got to relax at your retreat--it sounds perfect! And what a lovely WIP. Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day, Erin!

cucki said...

Your stitching is so lovely.
Sending you love and hugs x

Sara said...

It was great to meet you in person! I couldn't resist the Italian designers either, brought home a Halloween basket. We'll see if I'm an expert after the Jackie du Plessis class. Looks like you had a good weekend, hope to see you again next year!

Astrids dragon said...

I do something like that every year and LOVE it! So glad you had a good time.
I love your Victorian, such beautiful colours.
Is there such thing as too much stash?! You can't beat the free stuff.