Friday, December 27, 2013

Muriel Returns!

Greetings, all!  And a Merry Christmas and (impending) Happy New Year to you all!
My hostess has been quite remiss in posting our adventures.  Rest assured that I HAVE been having a lovely holiday here in upstate New York.  The weather has been a bit odd - can you believe it was 65 last week?!? - and I was bit disappointed at the lack of snow.  Evidently it really is the "bleak MIDwinter" around here, and not so much white Christmases.  Ah well.  My hostess' husband's family has been out to visit from the state of Iowa, and they say it is much colder out there.  I've not been to this Iowa place, and think I would prefer not to visit until at least the spring...

Much of the holiday season in this house has revolved around the Small Person.  She is rather agreeable - as Small Persons go - and I do believe she had a good time.  Under my supervision, my hostess finished this, the Small Person's annual stitched ornament:
(I suggested the broken jewelry chain she used as a hanger.  Doesn't it look authentic?)

The Small Person also received many gifts.  My favorite was this dollhouse - I had hoped at first that it was for me, but after seeing how the Small Person "plays" with it, I think I'm happier watching from afar.

I have also encouraged my hostess to work on the Labyrinth.
With any luck, I think she may finish this before the New Year!  (Or at the very least, before the end of January.)
And I posed with her - very full! - ort jar.
She has plied me with a seemingly endless stream of goodies...if I'm not careful, I may not fit in my travel pod for the next leg of my journey...
My hostess tells me we are to return to her parents' home for another visit this weekend.  I'm curious to experience more holiday festivities, and will report back in here in a more timely fashion!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good to see Madame Muriel enjoying another Christmas celebration. She was quite fond of my own Small Boy when she stayed with us. I suppose it is the Granny in her that makes them so compatible.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I look forward to the completion of your labyrinth! Yeah the weather has been odd its either been freezing cold, a lot of snow, or warm as can be! Go figure!