Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back with pics

As I said in my last post, I hate to blog about stitching without pictures to I finally got around to taking some.

First, this year's ornament for my daughter - "Toy Shop Sign" by Carriage House Samplings, from the 2007 JCS ornie issue.
(I'm REALLY not pleased with the new camera...this pic is terrible.  I suppose there might be some user error to blame there, but still.)  I've given Santa blue eyes instead of the green used in the pattern.  That's how I always envision him!

And - drum roll, please - an update on the Labyrinth!  Here is how it looked the last time I posted:
(sometime...last year, probably?)

And here it is today:
Maybe I actually WILL get it finished and framed in time for my husband's Christmas gift this year!


Silverlotus said...

Great job on Labyrinth. It will be done before you know it.

I've always given my Santa's green eyes. But, that is probably because my eyes are green. ;)

Lindsay said...

Loving Labyrinth.

Can I be cheeky and ask what you plan on doing with the chart

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your labyrinth looks awesome!

Zeb said...

OMG Erin I just spent the last 30 minutes drooling over your stash list @_@

Anonymous said...

Love your progress - and I always think of Santa with blue eyes too ;)

Caitlin Jordan said...

beautiful stitching :D