Wednesday, January 01, 2014

First Stitches of 2014

Looking back, I think I did pretty well stitching in 2013.  Most of my finishes were relatively small, but that's okay!
For 2014, my first goal is to finish that danged Labyrinth.  It shouldn't take too long, really...  After that, I still have a couple larger pieces in my WIP bin, including the Dark Sorceress and my Fairy Tale Towne.  I also joined Zeb's Just Nan SAL, and have kitted up 5 or 6 of Nan's smaller patterns.  And, because it isn't a new year without a new start, tonight I put in a few stitches on a small Blackbird Designs pattern called the Daring to Begin Sampler.  I was feeling ambitious and decided to stitch it over-one on 28-ct...


Zeb said...

Sounds like a busy year ahead :)

I've signed up to a few SALs as well, and I've chosen mostly smaller designs for most of them to ensure I CAN meet all my obligations... and to free up my time to do "on the whim" stitching :D

Shirlee said...

Happy New Year Erin! I like your new start : )