Monday, October 03, 2011

Addendum to my earlier rant

I understand that OOP charts sell for significantly higher prices....heck, that is why I'm hanging on to my autographed copy of TW's "You Were Hatched..."! So I suppose I shouldn't rant TOO much about the cost of the Prairie Schooler designs. As a stitcher/collector of primarily fantasy designs, the OOP market for other designers just wasn't really on my radar before this, I guess. And on the selfish side, I'm also annoyed to find a design I like that I can't ever justify purchasing. (Measi, if you want to check, that would be nice -- it is booklets #60, 66, 77, and 83. 77 is the summer one that I'm not as sure I like, 60 and 83 - Spring and Winter - are my favorites. But please don't feel obligated!)

Also, I searched eBay again, this time ordering ALL Prairie Schooler patterns by price, and then limited it to items with bids. There are plenty of listings at the kinds of prices I mentioned before (for all different Prairie Schooler patterns, not just the seasonal samplers I mentioned), but nothing has been bid up to more than about $15. However, if I look at completed listings....yes, people ARE paying $40+ for various designs (obviously using the Buy It Now option, not straight-out bidding). Wow.


Lee said...

Last year I was shocked to find that a PS chart that I wanted was bid clear up to $65. I eventually bought it as part of a pack of charts - 10 charts for $40, but since I only wanted that one, I guess you could say I paid $40 for it.

Crazy, I know...

Cross Stitch Queen said...

I bid $46 USD for an OOP cross stitch mag and I still got sniped. Yes, I cried.

Sometimes, you don't know how high you will go to get item. Especially when you are a collector and know how rare the items are.

Have you seen the Gingher designer scissor eBay prices? I try to collect as many as I can, but some of those prices I can't meet.

I know what you mean,