Sunday, August 02, 2009

August Goals

This year is just flying by... My stitching has suffered a bit lately, mostly due to work, vacation, and other life craziness. Oh well, thank goodness I stitch primarily for me and don't get too tied down to obligation stitching or the expectations of others!

July recap:
1) Get back to "Labyrinth." --uh....I honestly don't remember. I think I *might* have worked on this a bit early in the month...
2) Continue with "Valse de Fleurs." Yes, but I got distracted by Santa projects, so I didn't make much progress.
3) Work on the baby gift (finish, maybe?). Worked on, not finished.
4) Enjoy some small, fun project(s) for myself!!! YES! (In fact, I may have overdone it on this "goal.")

August goals:
1) Finish a Santa.
2) Ornamentify the Christmas sprites.
3) Work on "Valse de Fleurs."
4) Start something small.

Now, the reason that August Goal #1 is to finish a Santa...not only do I have the Shepherd's Bush project going, this weekend I started ANOTHER Santa. This is one of the Heartstrings "Santa Factory" patterns by Pat Thode. It will be a Santa sitting on a half-moon holding a teddy bear charm. It is the cutest little thing, and would make a lovely Christmas ornament for a baby....someday, maybe....(In case you can't tell, this is Santa's arm - where the charm will be attached, one leg, the bottom of the moon, and the top of his other leg!)

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Brenda Lou said...

Wonderful start!!