Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Giveaway Wednesday!

I mentioned previously that I sold a few patterns on eBay...well, some of what I listed didn't sell. Sooooo...I'm putting my cast-offs here, in hopes that someone would like to adopt them!! If you're interested, leave a comment. If there is more than one person interested in a pattern, I'll do a random drawing. Since I'll be away this weekend, I'll do the drawing - if necessary - on Monday, 5/4/2009.

1) "Bedtime Blessings" by Leisure Arts. Angel teddies and scripture verses (the bunny design in the center of the picture includes "now I lay me down to sleep...").
2) "Sampling Country" by the Need'l Love Company. A cute little house, an alphabet sampler, and a small piece that says "simple things are best." I bought it for the Neighborhood RR, and never used it!
3) Mirabilia's "Fairy Flora." Sooooo pretty....I just know I'll never get around to stitching her.


CindyMae said...

I would not mind having the Sampling Country!

Anonymous said...

The Mira is on my wish list - if that is still available, I would lvoe to stitch it. But since I lurk on your blog and have never posted, please give it to a regular poster first :)

Jeanie said...

You are so generous ! Please include me in the drawing :)

Ellen said...

I love Mirabilia's designs. Please include me for the draw for this chart.


Kathy A. said...

Erin, please enter my name in the drawing for the Mira chart. I am about to start the newest Mira RR and I only have one fairy. She would make a wonderful addition and will grace one of the RR's for sure.