Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Updates, recaps

What a weekend! I left home Friday morning around 10am, and arrived in Nashua at about 5pm for the Celebration of Needlework. (It was about 6 hours of driving...the other hour was taken up by stops for gas and food and such.) Walking into the lobby of the hotel was almost surreal -- the place was packed with stitchers stitching!! I had to giggle. My DH would have been floored. So I checked in, tossed my suitcase on my bed, and then ran out to dinner with some gals from the Wagon BB - Robbin (RobbinJ), Susan (SusaninIndiana), Holly (Indystitch), Jenny (JenJen3574), Erin (airynne), Carol (cebmd), and Carol's friend Alda. There were pictures taken, but not with my camera... *pout* It was fun to finally meet people I've "known" online for so long! And Kate (fenicedautun) joined us for lunch on Saturday as well. After dinner, Susan and I stitched in the lobby, and I got quite a bit done on "Delivering Fleurs."

Saturday I got up bright and early to cruise the vendor mall. teehee I did pretty well, and only spent about $100 -- I'd budgeted for $75, as that was my birthday cash from my in-laws. I got some fabrics, a few patterns, and a tuck pillow and frame. My biggest splurge was a "Nautical Needle Purse" kit from Patrick's Woods. It was just too cute to pass up! Then after lunch, I took Cynthia Zittel's class - "Valse de Fleurs." Her piece uses 40 different specialty stitches, and is designed to fit into a pencil box from Olde Colonial Designs. The box wasn't included in the class, and I just couldn't afford to buy it. :( The class itself wasn't exactly what I expected, either. Basically, Cynthia just read through the stitches used in the design, made a few comments like, "oh, I'm sure you can all do these....this is an easy stitch....oh, this one is pretty simple...", and then just told us to start stitching. Hmmmm. And you had to start with some basic cross stitch vines to help place the specialty stitch flowers properly, so I spent a chunk of class time just making x's. I'm not sure how much I actually LEARNED, you know??

Saturday night I skipped the dessert event and went back to stitching in the lobby. This time I watched a bit of baseball and chatted with the ladies near me, and had a generally good time. Then another woman came out of the event having won TWO of the raffle baskets! After picking out the patterns she really wanted, she tossed the rest on the table in front of me and the others and said, "take what you want." !!!!! I got 4 or 5 cute patterns for free. Yay!

Sunday I took the Focus on Finishing class, and OMG, did I ever enjoy that one. At the very least I learned how to make my own twisted cording! And a little cord maker was included in the class materials. My cording still isn't perfect, but I bought a pack of those cheapie embroidery flosses to practice. I also gained a bit of the confidence I needed to try lacing and making round things. I'd share a pic of some of my results, but my first accomplishment is an exchange piece!

I left after the finishing class, and trekked home. This time I not only stopped for gas (no food, I had a granola bar and other snacks to munch on in my little cooler), I also stopped for a nap. hehehe What can I say, I88 across New York State is a verrrrrrrrrrry boring drive. I got home around dinnertime, and DH made one of those skillet dinners. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! I'd definitely go again.

And now for the monthly goals.
April recap:
1) Stitch something "springy." (Possibly Homespun Elegance's "Delivering Fleurs.") yes - I started "Delivering Fleurs" and finished the Lizzie Kate "Hello Spring" freebie.2) Work on a baby announcement for a dear friend. yes
3) "Labyrinth." yes
4) Fairy Tale Towne. yes - no pics, though, I just got it out again before leaving for NH!
5) Do some de-stashing, possibly gift/trade/sell some unwanted charts and magazines. yes, just a few....
6) Prepare for Celebration of Needlework in NH, the first weekend in May!! See above recap!!!

May goals:
1) Prepare and ship Just Nan HOE exchange (by 5/29/09).
2) Do some more finishing.
3) Delivering Fleurs.
4) Fairy Tale Towne.
5) Labyrinth.
6) Work on "Valse de Fleurs."
7) Work on baby gift.

Sheesh, that's a lot of goals!! Better get started....


Cindy F. said...

Erin, that sounds like a very exciting time! So happy you were able to enjoy other stitcher's company and the great shopping!!

Susan said...

It was so nice to meet you, Erin.

I love the little Patrick's Woods chart - I'd been eyeing that one myself.

I'm sorry that the Cynthia Zittel class was so disappointing, but it sounds like you had a good finishing class.

I do almost all my cording with perle cotton - you might find that easier than DMC, for what it's worth.

CindyMae said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! Love the new chart! And hey, $25 over budget is not bad for a stitcher! LOL