Monday, December 01, 2008

Goal time again

November recap:
1) Ornaments!! (I have some moderately big plans that I can't share here...) Yes! I finished the gingerbread house and the quaker poinsettia ornaments, and "ornamentified" the quaker poinsettia (sent to Carol) and "all flakes welcome."
2) Mermaids - maybe. No. I started - and finished - Santa's Garden instead.
3) Layout for the Me, Myself & I RR. I have a decent idea now....I think..... Uh...I completely ignored this one.....

December goals:
1) Judith's RR square(s?).
2) Me, Myself &I RR/SAL layout - MUST do this!
3) Mermaids.
That's enough for now...even though I'm itching to start something new for myself. Must....hold out....until New Year's.... LOL

I did my part to support the US economy over the weekend, and placed a small order with Stitching Bits & Bobs on Friday. I didn't spend more than $30, and I got a few patterns and some supplies I can't find at my LNS. I really like my LNS, but she stocks primarily quilting supplies. Stitchers aren't her main evidenced by the big basket of now out-of-print Mirabilia patterns that I don't think anyone but me has even looked at.... I also managed to replace/upgrade my broken frame for a song, thanks to eBay. I got what *looks* to me like a Hearthside floor stand (one of their older ones, not the Mark 2) for about $50. I've heard good things about their products - although there were a few dissenting opinions too, of course - and I think they are beautiful, which helps when you know it will be sitting prominently and permanently in the living room! Gotta love sellers - and other bidders - who don't know what they're looking at. Here's hoping it arrives quickly and in decent condition.

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