Saturday, November 29, 2008

Santa's Garden Blooms!

I told you all I'd finish it!

"Santa's Garden" by Gail Bussi
from The Cross Stitcher (US publication), December 2005
stitched on a 28-ct. linen stitchband using recommended flosses, except:
-The Dye is Cast's "Cherry Jam" used for Santa's coat & hat
-Six Strand Sweets' "Toffee" used for tree pots

So far, our Thanksgiving vacation has been wonderfully relaxing. In addition to finishing Santa's Garden, I've done some laundry, watched entirely too many movies/TV shows on DVD, and I made a delicious dinner on Thursday! I found a recipe for spinach-and-herb stuffed turkey breast that I wanted to try, and it was verrrrrrrry tasty. And of course I made the traditional green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, plus my mom's cranberry-orange salad that I love (And DH doesn't like, but that's ok, more for me!). I topped it off with pumpkin parfaits -- just pie filling made with Splenda swirled with lite cool whip and layered with crumbled cinnamon graham crackers. Really good, and pretty low-cal, as Thanksgiving desserts go!

My back is feeling better, so I think it will back to the gym with me on Monday. But for now I shall enjoy lolling about for just a bit longer, pick at the turkey carcass, and start on Judith's RR square.... *grin*


Cindy F. said...

Erin, CONGRATS on your beautiful finish!! I really love this piece and I'm going to try to find it to make for our home.
Your Thanksgiving meal sounds delish!!
Glad to hear your back's feeling better. Careful at the gym:) (the mother in me:)

Karen said...

Very nice! Congrats on the finish. Your dinner sounds like it was delicious! Glad you're enjoying your Thanksgiving break.

Autumn said...

I think I might need to stitch that pattern now!

Colleen said...

That Santa sampler is great! I remember posting a comment on the first post saying how cute he was, but it must have been eaten by the interwebs. =)