Monday, August 18, 2008


(And yes, I think that was worthy of yelling! LOL)

This is Cross My Heart's "Irish Double Chain Quilt." It came as part of a kit, and was designed to hang on a little mini-clothesline. I modified it to fit a dollhouse bed, and eventually I want to sew a backing to it and then backstitch through both the top and bottom. But right now I don't have my sewing machine!
If anyone would like this pattern, let me know and it is yours. I like the final product, but I don't see me doing it again! There are bits of the floss left too, and I believe it is also charted with DMC numbers. Plus, since I didn't do it as charted, the clothesline and pins are still in the package.

Well, as of this past weekend, all of our belongings are now OUT of our old house....but they haven't made it all the way HERE yet. A good portion of our stuff is at my parents' house, about an hour and a half away. My dad helped us move things with his truck and trailer, and then stored a lot of things in their spare basement room. It is clean and dry, so I can't complain too much! When we were there on Saturday, I also picked up Carol's RR from my mom -- I had Judith mail it to her, because at the time I didn't know what my new address was yet! So now I'm off to try and find a pattern and some floss to stitch....

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Erica said...

Beautiful job Erin!