Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feeling Ambitious?

Despite the fact that we're still getting organized and unpacked, I've decided to set some modest stitching goals this month. I need to stitch now and then, just to maintain my sanity! It may be a while before I can share many pictures, though, since we don't have our desks or computers set up yet. (We also got rid of a bunch of our living room furniture, so just finding a place to sit and stitch will be a challenge.) Here's hoping our old house sells soon -- that should give us some $$ to buy a new sofa and a chair or 2.

August goals:
1) Catch up with the Neighborhood RR, as soon as the next piece arrives.
2) Work on Just Nan's "Butterfly Lace."
3) Work on the Irish Double Chain Quilt design.


J Rae said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled and that you are enjoying your new job.

tkdchick said...

Hi Erin, once again I haven't visited your blog in ages but now that I'm using google reader I've added you and I won't loose track of your blog anymore!

How cool, you're settling into a new house, I hope you're happy there.

That is so neat that I was travelling in the same area you had! LOL. We did take the ferry over to Burlington but were too tired to enjoy the town. Its beautiful and we are thinking about a future trip just to the Burlington area!