Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We crafters are an odd lot

Since I'll be starting my new job (wheee!) August 4th, we've already started packing. I fully expect this next month to be a blur, and to that I end I'll apologize now if you don't see much posting going on here. But since we're still kind of in that "stuff we don't need and/or use everyday" stage of packing, I thought I'd take a moment to share some things I found.

Now, as a crafter, I fully admit to an embarrassing inability to walk past a sale bin or a store closing sign. I've pawed through bins of ribbon, buttons, and doo-dads, crowing with glee when I find an unexpected treasure at the bottom. And sometimes....well, sometimes I don't find a treasure, but I take something home anyway. Which means I end up with stuff like this.

The chair I can blame on the Dollar Store and an article I read on how to decoupage cheap miniature furniture with bits of party napkins to look "high-end." Ummm, no. I tried it, it didn't really work very well, and most of my experiment ended up in the trash.
The babies -- I *think* they were going to sit in the miniature cradles I used to make for my friends when they had babies. Thank goodness that idea went splat. Because who DOESN'T want a creepy, expressionless naked baby in a cradle to hang on their Christmas tree? I'm sure my friends are thrilled I've gone back to cross-stitching baby gifts.
The fish were a clearance bin find. They're not buttons or charms, and there is no way (other than glue, I guess) to attach them to anything. Weirdness.
And the troll-bunny....I think I found him on the floor when I was working at the bookstore years ago. He seemed like something I might be able to use....sometime......

All of these remarkable items can be found in a trash bag outside my house this week, if anyone is interested.

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Kathy A. said...

Congratulations on your new job Erin. Moving - grrr - not my favorite thing either.
Your treasures just cracked me up - please keep that garbage bin closed - they might get out!
I love your box you made for your friend. The spider bag is just the best and the fabric perfect for it.
You do such lovely finishing.