Sunday, June 01, 2008

Making Peace with Beads

Today I worked on MOtDB for a while...not sure what inspired that, but hey, why fight it??? My "need to bead" won out, as you can see...I added just a few! I hate wrestling with the invisible beading thread, but the results are worth it. And I've also given up on getting all the beads on the piece exactly where the pattern shows they "should" be. The darned things are SO tightly packed, and on 32-ct. fabric they just don't fit. So I'm guesstimating and putting the beads on as they fit best. Giving up my perfectionist tendencies actually feels good.... LOL

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Suz said...

I love invisible beading thread as well, I think it makes things look 10x better.

I love beading, and I love working on Mirabilias just for the massive amounts of beading. I did another piece on a hand dyed that shrank and had a heckuva time getting the beads to fit, even omitting some of them.

Good luck with the beads! I can't wait to see more progress.