Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Goal Time

The May recap:
1) Finish Katrina's neighborhood square, and mail by May 15. Done.
2) Finish a piece for the Fantasy Smalls Exchange I joined, mail at the end of the month. Yep - took it to the post office last night.
3) Start thinking about Annemarie's neighborhood. Yes, and I started stitching it, too!
4) Stitch on something....anything.....for ME?? I finished the chickadee wreath and made the little bunny cube, plus I started Just Nan's "Butterfly Lace."

Phew, not too shabby!
Now for June:
1) Work on/finish Annemarie's RR.
2) Finish "Butterfly Lace."
3) Do some finishing - I'd like to make my little "Blessed Be" piece into a flat-fold.
4) Possibly start an ornie or other small project, maybe something from my stash of kits?

And that's it for now....there could be some big developments on the job front for me and/or DH in the next few months, and I'm very hesitant to get into any new projects right now! Even the mermaids have been bundled up in their pillowcase, and I'm not sure when they'll see the light of day again. That's also why I want to get Annemarie's RR finished, even though the mailing date isn't until July 15 -- if I can get it out of the house, then I don't have to worry about where it is if I need to pack!

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