Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a Weekend

Well, my husband is now officially DONE with school! The commencement ceremony was held Saturday, and he now has his master's in community counseling. I took Friday off from work to clean, since his dad and stepmom, his mother, his sister, and my parents were all here Saturday. Thankfully, no one had to sleep at our place -- since we only have one extra bed in the house, and it is a twin! Combine that with our one rather teeny bathroom, and houseguests aren't always terribly comfortable here.... We all ate out entirely too much -- because who wants to cook for 8 people? -- and while it was wonderful to see everyone, it is nice to have our house and our time back to ourselves again.

As for stitching, I still can't share...which is rather frustrating, because I really love what I'm working on right now. It is a little project for the Fantasy Smalls Exchange. While I don't think my exchange partner has a blog, that doesn't mean she won't stop by mine! So for now I'll just have to say that it is an over-one design, and I'm really excited with how it is progressing. As for the finishing, I have an idea based on something I did a year or 2 ago. I originally thought about doing a needleroll (I've always thought they were lovely!), but I've never done one, and I'd hate for my first try to be for someone else and turn out badly.

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Karen said...

Congratulations to your husband! I'm looking forward to seeing this mystery design!