Sunday, May 04, 2008

Stitching, framing and picspicspics

Yesterday I finally made it out to the LNS to pick up the framed wedding piece. We're not going to this wedding, but DH's parents are (I think!), and they'll be in town for DH's graduation next weekend, so I'll just send it with them. Should ensure that it will arrive safely!
I love the frame I chose. The LNS owner and I tried several different mats, but then this moulding jumped off the wall at me. I don't know the bride and groom terribly well, so I didn't want the piece to become a giant attention-grabber...just in case it isn't their style (and that's how I usually deal with gifts, really...unless I know exactly where the recipient wants to put it and such).

Oh, and that Rosewood Manor pattern I fell in love with - the "Good Night" sampler - it followed me home from the shop. ::blush::

After cleaning the bathroom last night, I sat down to stitch like mad on Katrina's neighborhood square. She asked for a "primitive" house and garden design, and here is my finished square! How'd I do??The flower vine and the girl are from Homespun Elegance patterns, the house is from a sampler book by Brenda Keyes, and the sheep (my favorite part!) is part of a freebie by Brooke's Books. The tulips were a last-minute addition last night....I was getting sooooo tired of all that green! And since I have some lovely little tulips blooming in my front garden right now, I took my inspiration from there. (Besides, doesn't the girl in her blue dress look a bit like my profile picture?? LOL) This won't go in the mail right away, since our next mailing date isn't until the 15th, but it does free up some time for me to work on some other little things!

But now I'm off to do some weeding, before my little tulips get choked out by nasty dandelions....


vEr0n!c@ said...

I think your round robin square looks great! The sheep is so cute.

Love your framed piece. The bride and groom are so lucky to be receiving that as a gift.

Sandra Ree said...

You're framed wedding piece looks great! Good job on your house! :)

Sandra Ree said...

I meant "your" ;)