Thursday, May 15, 2008

Speaking Stitchy-Like

SBQ, 5/15/2008-
For seasoned stitchers: Define a stitching term or acronym for new stitchers.
For newbies: What stitching term or acronym would you like defined?

Well, since I've been stitching for about 20 years now, and floating around the internet for not quite that long, I guess I qualify as "seasoned"? LOL So I will tell you about my first encounter with stitch/net speak. Back when I first discovered internet freebies, I used to stalk the Dragon Dreams' website. When Jennifer Aikman-Smith released...Dani the Stitching Dragon, I think?...she mentioned that it was named for the first stitcher to finish the Dragon Virtues series as part of a contest on the "TWBB." (My apologies if I got the design and/or the contest wrong!) Now, I knew a BB was a bulletin board, so I just had to figure out the TW part! And of course now I can tell you that TW is Teresa Wentzler. Now I can wade through posts full of acronyms without too much trouble. Sometimes if someone shorthands a designer name, it might take me a bit to figure it out, but I'll get there eventually!

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