Saturday, May 17, 2008

Floss Tossing...

Still obsessed with Lavender Wings' "Lilacs," so I thought I'd get some opinions on a floss toss for the design... Here are all the flosses minus one shade of green and the purple beads, on CountryStitch's "Kereru" hand-dyed Jazlyn.I think I'm going to go with this...I love the soft blend of the green and purple, with (what I think is) a rather gray undertone. And I'll only need half of the piece of fabric, so I'll still have a bit left!

But this project may have to wait for a bit, since I need to get started on Annmarie's RR. I mailed Katrina's to Cathy B. on Thursday!


Kathy A. said...

Just stopped by to catch up on your latest work. Your wedding sampler is beautiful. Lucky couple and you don't even know them well? WOW.
I love your color choices for your next piece. I think they will look good on that fabric.
Congratulations to your DH on his graduation and hope he finds that dream job ASAP.

Teresa & Shawn said...

Hi Erin - I saw your comment on my blog, so had to come on over and check yours out! You create beautiful things! WOW!

Thanks for looking us up! --Tree