Friday, May 30, 2008

SBQ and Going Postal

SBQ, 5/29/2008 - Do you ever get to a point working on a project that you've had for so long, you start to wonder what possessed you to start it in the first place?
Hmmm. There have been a few, I think....although I can usually always say that I thought something was "cute" when I began it. Right now I beginning to wonder about the little bear sitting with the cushion, though - I REALLY don't like all the confetti and backstitching. Too much work for something I'm not crazy about, yanno. Eh. ________________________________________________________

Since finishing the little chickadee (BTW, for some reason he reminds me of my grandpa who passed several years ago....not sure why), I've worked a bit on Just Nan's "Butterfly Lace" and Annemarie's neighborhood. Annemarie told us to stitch pretty much whatever we liked wherever we wanted, so I've chosen a gypsy wagon!! As I've been waiting to hear about several job opportunities, I'm feeling rather gypsy-like, so it seemed very appropriate. Plus, it fit into a kind of odd space left next to another stitcher's design, so that will make things easier for the stitchers who follow me. I just need to decide on some landscaping....

I'm also waiting for the postman to deliver a special "little something" to add to my Fantasy Exchange. If it doesn't arrive today, I may have to ship the package without it. Hmph.

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