Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well, if I take my seasonal tips from the college girls who live behind us, spring MUST be here....or at least, it's sunbathing weather..... Yeah, THAT was an "interesting" sight to see this morning when I looked out the bathroom window. Here it is, early April in the northeast US, and in the yard behind ours I see not one, not two, but FOUR bikini-clad crotches pointed in my direction. (Our bathroom is on the second floor, hence the view.) Yikes! And according to the thermometer outside my window, it was only about 55 degrees out. Sure, great for a t-shirt and jeans while walking the dog....but NOT quite warm enough to break out a bikini!!

So anyway, after taking the pooch for a stroll around the neighborhood, and collecting the first round of leftover autumn leaves from the yard, I got back to Michelle's autumn square. It felt a little odd to be stitching pumpkins in April, but I really love this square, so I don't mind! It is almost done - I just need to finish the pumpkin (obviously), add some stars and do a bit of backstitching. The tree I finally settled on is from Brightneedle's "House on Booberry Lane," and I just left off some of the branches. I love it! I think I may need to stitch this pattern again for myself sometime....

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