Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Goal Time

First, the March recap.

March Goals:
1) Work on wedding sampler - finish if possible. Done, and dropped off for framing.
2) Neighborhood RR (?). Yep. I'm working on Michelle's RR right now.
3) WIPs -- mermaids or chickadee, whatever calls the loudest! I worked on the chickadee for a while, until the wedding sampler and the newly-arrived RR got my attention.
4) Start something fun for me, maybe an ornament or something. Well, I DID stitch up the little Trail Creek Farm "Spring" ornament, but it wasn't for me!!! hehehe But it was fun, so I figure it counts.

I have a feeling April will be a month of round robin stitching, since I see that Judith just posted over in the RR blog that she is sending 2 more projects my way soon! Soooo.....

April To-Do List:
1) Finish Michelle's Halloween neighborhood square (mail date - April 15).
2) Start Katrina's RR (has not arrived yet, but I need to have it done by May 15).
3) Work on/finish chickadee wreath, if time allows.

And that's all I'm committing to, since the round robin has finally caught up to me again. After the May 15 mailing date, I'll be back to a 2-month stitching/mailing schedule for the remainder of the RR, and I'm really looking forward to that....the compressed time frame is kind of tough for me. My ADD stitching tendencies don't like feeling "forced" to work on a specific project all the time!! LOL

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Kathy A. said...

Hey Erin - I know that two RR's on their way are a little stressful but it is nice to see these RR's moving again after all the issues we have had. I know you will handle it well and do a beautiful job on each.