Friday, April 11, 2008

SBQ, 4/10/2008

What is the most complicated piece you've ever completed?

Hmmm. This is hard to answer! I've done *large* projects (Butternut Road's "Once Upon a Time," for example), but they really aren't so complicated. Just lots of little x's!! Even Solaria's "Stitching the Standard," which gave me headaches for months, was just little x's over-one. So maybe my answer to this question is.....nothing??

This week has been a busy one for me, but I think I should have Michelle's neighborhood square finished this weekend. Which is good, because Judith emailed me that she is sending the next 2 pieces my way! It feels like a lot of stitching on deadlines, but I'm glad I can help get our little RR back on track.

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J Rae said...

Your little pumpkin house is adorable! Great job!

Hope the view from your bathroom window has improved! 55 degrees is not bikini weather!