Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cold bunnies, copyright, and a picture

Looks like the Easter Bunny better bundle up if he plans to visit NWPA this year....we're getting snow right now! Ugh. I'm ready for some pretty spring colors and warm breezes, with the smell of mud and growing things.

Yesterday I was in Buffalo for a workshop on copyright law as it pertains to libraries. Probably doesn't sound too exciting to most of you, but I'm a geek, and I actually enjoyed it. Hey, any seminar that can hold 90% of my attention for 6 hours (with bathroom and lunch breaks, of course!) must be good. After it was over, I went up to talk to the presenter about my understanding of copyright - as it relates to needlework! I told him that I was a needleworker, and that the craft industry has big problems with people scanning patterns and then uploading them to foreign hosting sites. And believe it or not, his eyes lit up when he replied, "oh! One of my family members was just talking about this the other day! What kind of needlework do you do? And how long have you been doing it?" It was so cool...a male legal scholar and I, chatting about the interconnection of our passions. (Hmm, that sounds rather pornographic, but that isn't how I meant it... LOL)

I'm still plugging away on the chickadee wreath. Since I'm ready for winter to be OVER, the little birdie is kind of losing his appeal! But I'd like to get him finished before the next round of the Neighborhood RR arrives - I'm thinking it might be here next week?
Here he is -


Suz said...

I love watching your progress on chickadee. You can't have much farther to go! You'll make it!!

Christine said...

Your chickadee is looking great!!!