Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lookit me, I'm da Eastah Bunny!

It all started....yesterday. After lunch I ran out to my LNS, to drop off the wedding piece for framing. (I was good, I didn't even buy anything!) On my way back across town, I decided to stop at Big Lots. For those of you not familiar with Big Lots, they are a store that sells discontinued items, overstocks, and other such goodies at discounted prices. Sometimes they have lots of junk, other time you find the perfect if I'm in the right mood, it can be fun to hunt around in there. Anyway, I found a cute little fabric-lined basket. Then I saw little plastic eggs filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs....and a tube of Almay hand lotion. And it hit me -- I could make a funny little Easter basket for my mom!! We're going there tomorrow to spend the day and have dinner, and I know my mom loves little goodies like that. As I was looking at my creation, Crafty Erin popped up and said, "you could stitch something to put in it, too!" Ah, Crafty Erin....always getting me into trouble. hehehe

When I got home, I went through my books and my freebie files, and finally came up with this.

"Spring" - freebie from Trail Creek Farm, stitched on 32-ct. lambswool linen.
I did a LOT of substituting, because I didn't have the Weeks OR the DMC the pattern suggested. I used The Dye is Cast's "Thyme" for the lettering and the dark green outer border, Six Strand Sweets "Spearmint" for the lighter green, and Six Strand Sweets Watermelon and Lemonade for the pink and yellow, respectively. Oh, and I added little purple beads for the flower centers.

Then I sewed it up into a little fob....although since Mom isn't really into the stitching/fob scene, she'll probably just hang it from a cabinet knob or window latch. Just as good, though! I must admit, I had a heck of a time with the ribbon. Grrrrr. I ended up sewing them together and then knotting the second ribbon around where the first 2 were sewed - if that made any sense - it looks a little "lumpy" in real life, but it isn't terrible. If Mom wants, she could probably tie the longer ends into a bow.
Here is a picture of the finished basket:


Arthemise said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing! I just love the little ornament, and the basket is so lovely. My mom would probably say thanks and just lose it somewhere in her house.

debijeanm said...

How delightful! And how focused of you to actually get the fob finished for Easter!

Chelle said...

That is way too cute! I bet your Mom love it, too.