Thursday, February 28, 2008

SBQ, 2/26/08

What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

It depends. I'm a sucker for medieval/fantasy designs, but I'm also picky about which ones I buy. I used to buy anything and everything with dragons and fairies, but not so much anymore! I also love some seasonal stuff -- especially autumn and winter. Not necessarily Christmas, but winter, because I can display it longer! LOL Oh, and for some reason nautical-themed things call to me especially loudly. Right now my BIG weakness seems to be that Rosewood Manor sampler I posted earlier this month, but I still haven't purchased it. Although I keep looking to see which ONS is having the best sales.....

So now I'm thinking about my "nautical" stuff. If you include mermaids, I've got:
- Mermaids of the Deep Blue - Mirabilia
- Mermaid Heart - Just Nan
- Captain's Relleck - Michelle Ink Designs
- A Ship and a Book - Earth Threads
- The Voyage Home - Cricket Collection
- My Ship - Erica Michaels
- Ship of Life - Need'l Love Company (this is my most recent find... *blush* )

Hmmm. I could do an entire sea-faring ROOM, if I ever get them all stitched and framed!! LOL

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Kathy A. said...

Hmmm - maybe the urge to go to sea has hit you. How about a cruise? That might fix it. I am working on a lighthouse theme at the moment and if it comes together a nautical bathroom is in my future! I admire your fortitude in looking and not buying these days. I'm not so good at that.