Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stitchers of a feather

Teehee. I recently was naughty and picked up a copy of Wyndham Needlework's "Wyndham Needlewoman" on eBay, complete with the necessary spools of black Au Ver a Soie silk. So my only decision will be what fabric to stitch it on! I keep envisioning her on a purple hand-dyed of some kind...hmmm. I did a quick Google search, hoping to find some piccies around the web, but to no avail. (I did find one, but it was stitched on white. Meh.) The only other non-sales-related link I found was to Dani's blog!! Seems she has this one in her stash as well. LOL Perhaps we should arrange to work on it together sometime. Heck, PA isn't THAT far from Canada -- I smell a road trip!!!

In other news, it is snowing again here. Grrrr. And brrrr. Maybe I'll skip the gym tonight and call shoveling my "workout" for the day. Then I'll curl up on the loveseat with some stitching! (Over the weekend I did make some progress on the chickadee wreath, but now I'm feeling inspired to move back to the Mermaids for a bit. Pics to come, I promise!)


Kerry said...

I have her in my stash too and hope to start her this year. But I'm boring and planning to go with antique white, so I guess I'm not help to you at all.

Kathy A. said...

Oh did I hear a road trip. It is not far to my home either. I could decide to stitch that too and join in. LOL