Friday, February 01, 2008

February Goals

It's that time....

1) Mermaids. Yep -- it was early in the month, but I did get a bit done.
2) Neighborhood Round Robin -- assuming something arrives? Yes! I stitched Kathy A.'s adorable beach neighborhood, and mailed it on to the next stitcher.
3) Work on/finish the freebie design I started last month. Finished it.
4) Possibly start a new small something-or-other. I started Pam Kellogg's little chickadee wreath.

1) Work on Mermaids.
2) Work on the chickadee wreath.
3) Neighborhood Round Robin......
4) See what else is languishing in the WIP bin -- possibly "rescue" something!

Hmmm, the February goals look rather similar to the January ones. Oh well, I'm a "groove" with those projects, and I don't mind working on them, so I might as well take advantage of that, right? I also should probably do a bit of finishing this month....I keep meaning to finish the Anne Frank freebie up into a little pillow for my pillow basket, but my sewing/crafting station in the basement is darned COLD right now! LOL

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Mindi said...

Nice job on the January goals!