Sunday, February 03, 2008

Crazy, Lazy Weekend

Ugh, why can't I ever have a couple days to just relax?!?!?

Just before lunch on Friday, my husband called and told me he was on his way to the ER with "really terrible stomach pains." When I didn't hear from him again, I called down to the hospital around 2 -- thinking by then he'd be in a room, right? WRONG. I didn't get any real answers until about 5:30, when he finally called me as they were discharging him. Have I mentioned that hospitals suck? Yeah. As for what was wrong with him....he got hit by a really nasty flu bug. And after 6 hours in a triage room with nothing to drink, he was weak and completely dehydrated. When he got home, he pretty much passed out in his recliner. I ran to the grocery store for "sick groceries," and poured Gatorade down his throat whenever he was conscious enough to swallow. He's better now, but it was definitely a weekend to sit around the house and do nothing.... I stitched. And I stitched and I stitched. Because stitching is silent and non-intrusive to sleeping sick people. First I worked on the Mermaids.
And then I pulled this teddy bear kit out of the work basket. I can't decide if I really LIKE this little guy, but I hate to toss it at this point. It could make a cute pillow to give as a gift....I have plenty of friends who are still having kids, and it never hurts to have potential baby gifts on hand...


Deanne J said...

Sorry your husband isn't feeling well, hope he's on the mend.

Great progress on Mermaids and I think Teddy is adorable

Suz said...

Very nicely done on the progress. I'm sorry your DH was ill, I hope he recovers quickly.