Sunday, January 20, 2008

But it's what I LIKE.

I have a confession. As much as I admire some of the primitive sampler-style pieces I see other stitchers working on, I'm a sucker for a "realistic" design. All the shading and blends that make a stitched piece feel life-like grab my eye every time. Of course, the downside of that attraction is that 1) I end up buying a dozen different shades of blue for a piece and then using only one or 2 lengths of floss, and 2) I spend more time starting and ending lengths of floss than I do actually STITCHING. *sigh*

And I told you all of that as a preface to my latest start - a little chickadee in a wreath of green leaves and bluish-purple berries. The design is by Pam Kellogg, and appears in a 2006 issue of The Cross Stitcher magazine (US version).

I'm using more Silkweaver fabric -- I actually used this same Solo for my "Old Books Sampler." So I've effectively gotten one whole piece of fabric out of my stash drawer!! LOL And that is the magazine picture standing above the hoop.

I worked on this exclusively over the weekend. I kept telling myself I should get out the mermaids and put in a few stitches, but it was cold, snowy and blowy here, and the warm colors of the birdie just fit my mood nicely. Didn't want to think about being wet right now....brrrrr! So it was all me, a zillion shades of tan and green, and a crockpot full of beans and ground beef. (DH played video games, and we watched a few movies, too.)


Deanne J said...

I agree with you. I love the look of the primitives but if I had to spen that much time stitching with one colour thread I'd go nuts.

Great start on you're chickadee, love the fabric.

Suz said...

I love the more realistic patterns as well. Lately I've been getting into more naturalistic patterns (vs fantasy), and yeah, a LOT of floss is left over. I have a tool chest I use to keep the floss so I can always just just a little bit from the same skein. Bless organization.

I like your birds, they look adorable :)

tkdchick said...

I'm with you all the way Erin, I love the more realistic designs. None of these primitive designs that everyone seems to be stitching lately appeals to me. I like a project that takes me awhile to stitch up... I think the appeal of these designs is that they can be finished without too much work/bother.