Sunday, November 04, 2007

Paranoia and an Ornie

Hmmm. I've had rather a lot of "spotting" this weekend, and it has made me a bit nervous. It doesn't seem to be increasing or looking really bright/dark red (sorry for the TMI), so I'm not calling my doctor's emergency line yet. I do have an appointment coming up on Thursday, though, so rest assured that I'll be asking some questions!

Well, in an effort to keep myself relatively sedentary this weekend, I pulled out my collection of JCS Ornie issues. Thanks to a trip to the LNS yesterday, I was alble to start and completely finish the "Christmas Penny Bag" by Charland Designs in the 2005 issue! My LNS didn't have the charm, I substituted red jingle bells and added some green seed beads around them in the center. Oh, and I forgot to get the necessary red Kreinik, so I used red seed beads in place of the Rhodes stitches in the corners. My finishing isn't perfect, but I like it! Right now it is filled with cinnamon sticks - yum.

"Christmas Penny Bag" - Charland Designs
2005 JCS Ornament issue

stitched on 32-ct. lambswool, using recommended flosses
beads substituted for metallics
bells used instead of charm


Mindi said...

I love the cute little bag you made. I have no idea what the original was supposed to look like, but your substitutions look great.

Hope everything is ok with your pregnancy.

Arthemise said...

I had a lot of spotting in my first trimester. It usually coincided with doing too much strenuous activity (housework), so make sure you're taking it easy.

Anonymous said...

What a cute bag and great substitutions too!

Hope everything is ok with baby.

Karen said...

I love the bells you've added! Not sure what the original charm looked like, but the bells and beads fit right in like they were the original design! :)

Deanne J said...

I love your little bag, the bells were a great substitute.

Hope everything is O.K. with your pregnancy

Heidi said...

I like your bag, its pretty. Take it easy and relax some. The spotting could be from stress or over doing yourself. I know its ard to sit still for long periods of time but you need to.