Friday, November 02, 2007

November already?!?!?

Wow, time sure is flying lately!! I haven't felt very craft-motivated....I hope that changes soon.
Monthly recap/goal time.

1) Keep working on Toni's Neighborhood RR square. Well, Toni has dropped out of the RR, but I DID work on the square...
2) Join in the TW SAL over on The Wagon BB -- I'm going to dig out "Regal Peacocks." Small, but it IS a TW, and it DOES need to get finished! Just a few stitches, but better than nothing.
3) Work on other WIPs as the urge strikes. Yes - I worked on the Sue Hillis dragon and the Gaelic freebie.
4) Work on - possibly finish - the baby gift for my friend. Not finished, but getting close!

1) Finish up Toni's RR square and return her piece to her.
2) Start laying out the next RR square when it arrives (probably sometime after 11/15).
3) Baby gift.
4) Start an ornie or other "small," perhaps? My fingers have been itching for a little finish!
5) Other WIPs as the mood strikes.

And a few SBQs.
10/24 -- Do you railroad?
Sometimes. If I feel my tension or technique is getting sloppy, I might railroad a stitch here and there. It seems to help with thread twists and the like. But I'm not consistent enough to railroad EVERY stitch!
10/31 -- If you were a cross stitch designer, what would your design style be?
Oh gosh! There is a reason I'm NOT a designer... (well, there are many reasons) As much as I love the dragon/fantasy themes, I don't think I'd design them myself. Folks like Theresa Wentzler, Jennifer Aikman-Smith and Karen Weaver do such a lovely job! I do enjoy finding interesting quotes and inspirational phrases, and then charting them to add to existing maybe I'd be a designer of sampler-style pieces? I don't really know, though!

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