Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update

(Gosh, I feel like I'm on Saturday Night Live now, with that post title.)

I was evidently bitten by the Stitching Bug this weekend, and I took full advantage of it! Lately, stitching on weeknights has just felt too draining to even attempt. I don't know if it is the pregnancy, various other stressors, or some combination of everything... But what I DO know is that it felt awfully nice to mix up some broccoli-cheese soup in my trusty crock-pot today and then sit and stitch the day away.

So, what did I do?
1) I made a LOT of progress on Toni's RR square. I'm getting a bit more comfortable stitching in-hand, but it still isn't my favorite way to stitch.... 2) I worked on the Wee Shepherd birth announcement for my friend. The shepherd has 2 legs and a sheep dog I just have to finish the sheep! 3) And finally, on Friday night I worked on the little dragon design I mentioned a few posts back. Dani asked who the designer is Sue Hillis, and I got the pattern at I think it is from an older design collection.
You can probably see what I meant about the colors being rather simple -- those are the only 2 shades of green in the entire design! But I think the Silkweaver fabric adds some depth and texture. Speaking of Silkweaver, they've opened the 2007 Showcase contest....I've already submitted 2 pieces, and I'm hoping to get this one in as well!

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Carol said...

Hi Erin - I am at work and do not have your email with me. Butterfly Kisses is yours - I will send you a PayPal invoice this afternoon when I get home! Thanks! Mike doesn't sell the Ashley Ginghers as they are a Joann Fabrics exclusive. However... my store has them and they are 30% this week. I can get you a pair if you like. I just have to find out how much they will cost. Let me know!