Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter (snow)Bunnies....

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We just relaxed around the house, and I made a pork chop and potato casserole for dinner (it came out pretty darned good, especially considering how long the pork chops had been in the freezer...I won't go into details on THAT). DH has been miserable for the past week or so, since he developed an allergy to the penicillin they gave him after his oral surgery. Poor guy, his mouth feels fine, but now he is absolutely covered in horrible itchy red hives.

Here we had more snow yesterday than we had on Christmas morning. I was going to take a picture, but it was just too depressing. LOL

I did quite a bit of work on the Neverending Knotwork, but didn't get around to taking any pictures of that, either. I got some of the center lettering done, which felt good! I also played around with a sewing project that a friend turned me on to -- a tote made of old ties. If nothing else, I've learned lots about my sewing machine! I've used the zig-zag stitch, had TONS of fun adjusting the thread tension (harhar, now I understand why my mother hated that so), and learned how to replace the needle -- since I bent 2 of them sewing through multiple layers of ties. I think I need to invest in a heavy-duty denim needle to finish! I'll be back with pictures later/tomorrow.

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