Thursday, February 01, 2007

A good start to the new year

Goal recap:
1) Finish "Sensational Summer." Well, it is as done as it is going to get for now....since the intended recipients have indicated that they don't want it.
2) Make SIGNIFICANT progress on the Celtic wedding piece. I think I accomplished this -- see pic on 1/22 to decide for yourself!
3) Make time for a few small "Guilt-Free January" starts. Right now I have one of Black Swan's water globe freebies ("The Fairy and the Swan") and Just Nan's "Wintry Mix" waiting in the wings.... Yep -- I started AND FINISHED "the Fairy and the Swan," started "Wintry Mix," and started the "Old Books" sampler.
(In addition to the goals I set for myself last month, I also worked on Mermaids of the Deep Blue for a day or 2 and finished 3 scrapbook pages!)

High hopes for February:
1) More work on the wedding sampler. *sigh*
2) Work on "Old Books." I'm really enjoying this design!
3) Work on "Wintry Mix."
4) Start a Christmas design from one of my JCS ornie issues.


Trish said...

I like your blog! I wish you would enable the feed on it so I could see it often.



Patti said...

Well, that's impressive progress Erin. The progress on Mermaids is great and I can't wait to see "ok" sampler come along.