Saturday, February 03, 2007

Getting snowed in with my "ooks"

The latest progress on the Old Books sampler -
Changes I've made:
- Cranberry and Barn Gray hand-dyeds used for the first "O" book (not sure if I like that, but it would be too much work to pull it all out, plus I don't have the DMC colors used in the model anyway)
- Fig Pudding used for the brown v's on the second "O"
- The pattern has 3 gray bands on the bottom of the "K" book -- I thought it looked better with just 2
- All the lettering is done in Mascara instead of 310 (black).

We're supposed to get a pretty significant snowstorm here this weekend -- it was getting started when DH and I headed out for groceries early this evening. We actually went to Super Wal-Mart first, simply because I needed a few skeins of DMC....only to find that Wal-Mart no longer CARRIES DMC!!! Grrr. Since the grocery section of the Super Wal-Mart kind of skeeves me out, we headed to the "real" grocery store. When we left, the snow had let up a bit, and DH asked if I wanted to run to the craft store to get my floss. Well heck, I couldn't turn that down! So we went to A.C. Moore and I got the floss I needed for a Christmas ornie design. I was a little disturbed to find that A.C. Moore seemed to be cutting back on their stitching supplies, as well...they didn't have any fabrics. Which is really odd, since they still have a full rack of floss and patterns, plus a decent (although somewhat smaller than I remember) aisle full of kits. I haven't been in Michael's lately, but I sure hope SOMEBODY will continue to stock those tubes of cheap Monaco...I like to use them for ornies and such. Hmph.

Well, I'm off to sit and stitch and watch the snow fall. It is downright nasty out there now -- bitter cold winds and enough snow that I'm having trouble seeing my neighbor's house across the street!


Karen said...

Love that fabric!! It looks great!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I think it looks great! Will we go to books next? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your 'ooks' are looking great! lol

Colleen said...

That looks great!
I had the same problem with WalMart - I thought I could grab some DMC and noticed that they don't have them. There were like 3 kits and a couple packages of aida. What's up with that?

Meari said...

Your projects look good! We got dumped a big amount of snow the other day. About 8". Is spring coming anytime soon??