Monday, January 29, 2007

Read a good...."ok" lately?

Here is my start on the Old Books sampler.

Eventually it will read "old books are like old friends," and the word "books" is written across the spines of five books. the only thing I'm not crazy about is the look of the book spines, so I've been tinkering with the colors already! The lettering was supposed to be done in 310 black, but I'm using WDW "Mascara" instead (almost the same, but a teeny bit softer, I think), and the brown Vs in the left-hand book are done in Six-Strand Sweets' "Fig Pudding." I have some other hand-dyed substitutions planned, too.


Arthemise said...

This is going to be a great piece. It's looking good already!

Chelle said...

Your "ok" looks lovely! Seriously, I like the color changes you've made. Very nice!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Yep, I am looking at a great "ok" LOL! That is going to be very pretty!