Friday, October 20, 2006

Dreary Weather, Itchy Clicky Finger

Ugh, it is gray and gloomy here....supposed to be that way all weekend. At least it will be a good weekend to curl up with my stitching!! I'll throw some soup in the crockpot (or maybe some pork chops? hmmm), and off I'll go.

The weather and the "time of the month" are combining to make sticking to the Multi-Project Challenge REEEEEALLY hard right now. But the Powers That Be must be looking out for me...because I found a chart I'd really like to have on eBay, added it to my watch list, browsed the rest of the seller's listings (for combined shipping, of course!), and by the time I was finished someone else had already purchased the one I originally wanted. *pout* (It was Cross-Eyed Cricket's "The Voyage Home," if you were wondering.) Yep, I've definitely developed a "thing" for mermaid-y/sea-themed stuff.....

I also asked Bobbie at Stitching Bits & Bobs to order the "Sensational Summer" chart from the Online Needlework Show for me -- but since that will be a gift, I'm still okay with the challenge on that front. I don't do beach-themed stuff often, so this was definitely a necessary purchase! Oh, and I placed an order for some fabric from Silkweaver last weekend - I finally used up the $50 gift certificate my mother gave me last year for Christmas. Still waiting on that hasn't even been shipped yet. I ordered a solo (how a mostly-blue solo was still left by week's end, I'll never know!), and 2 other dyed fabrics. I'm being patient, since their ordering page says that dyed pieces can take up to 10 days to prepare and ship.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you can be so patient. it is like Christmas waiting for something special. Sorry you are feeling a bit bad. hope you feel better soon.