Friday, May 12, 2006

I Need a Time-Turner. *sigh*

(I suddenly want to watch the Harry Potter movies. hehe) I can't believe May is half-over already....where DOES the time go? Why do I never get enough weekends to do what I want to do? Grrrr.

Tonight we are heading to my parents' place, and tomorrow is the memorial service for my dad's mother, who passed away earlier this spring. (She was cremated, and the service was delayed so everyone who wanted to attend could do so - I have relatives stationed overseas with the military and such.) We're taking the dog with us......this should be interesting. I don't plan on getting much stitching done, although I'll probably toss some little thing in my bag. Mom likes to watch me stitch!

And next Friday I'll be leaving for Denver, for a library conference. I'm excited....every so often it is fun to travel without the hubby. I can watch all the reruns of Law & Order that I want in the evening, and stitch until I'm cross-eyed. hehehehe I feel bad for even thinking this, but from looking at the preliminary workshop schedule, I just don't see anything that will be truly useful to my job.... Oh well. Hopefully I can at least relax, do a little shopping (stitching-related or otherwise), and just enjoy being in a new place for a couple days.

On a sad stitching-related note, the not-so-LNS near Buffalo, NY that my coworker raves about is closing. And I've never managed to visit! I can't get up there this weekend, and next weekend is Denver, but I'd really like to get up there at least once before the store is gone. My coworker said they sell magazine back issues at cover price - nice! So it might be time to toss some matches and gasoline on the wagon, and forget about limiting the stash accumulation for this "special occasion"..... (and to all my wonderful readers, if you have any requests/wishes/dreams you'd like me to check for, let me know! Buying gifties is even better than buying stuff for myself.)


Karen said...

I've been in a Harry Potter and LOTR mood myself the past two days. Must be all the rain we're having--makes me want to just get comfy on the couch and watch movies for hours on end.

Sorry about the loss in your family. : (

Singular Stitches said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. *hug*

While you're in Denver(?), check out some cross stitch stores!

DH and I pulled out our copy of Half Blood Prince and have been listening to it together...