Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh noooooooooooo.....


I'm seriously panicked right now...last night I got to the top of the maiden's head on OUAT, and started working on the gold oval border. As I rolled the fabric down a bit on the scrolls, I thought, "hmmm, there isn't much fabric left here.....I thought there was more than this at the bottom, wasn't there?"
I evidently did a horrid job of centering the design.
There *might* be enough fabric for the top, we'll have to see. I was stitching madly last night, trying to get to the top of the pattern - and why is that when you think there is a problem with your stitching, you think that stitching faster might make it go away??


If I can get the stitches on the fabric, I'm not TOO worried about the framing. I wasn't planning on having it matted, since the gold border seems like plenty and I'd hate to detract from it, but if we have to add muslin to the top to make it laceable then I'll have to find a mat that works. Blerg.

But on the upside, at least I can say that I got quite a bit done on OUAT this weekend......


Christine said...

Oh no, Erin!!! I really hope you've got enough fabric left. Sometimes it's looks like you don't have nearly enough fabric left to fit in the stitches you need to (and still keep your margin for framing) but it works out. I hope that's the case for you!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Oh no!!! I do hope you find that there's enough fabric. I think we've all been there before. I know I have!

In the meantime, enjoy your trip to Denver... it's such a wonderful city.

Singular Stitches said...

I know that feeling...I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Ouch....I've done that before too. I suggest doing a tacking stitch over two up to the top so you can easily count if you have enough space for the stitching you still have to do. Fingers crossed for you!