Friday, April 21, 2006

SBQ, 4/19/2006

Do you do obligation or deadline-based stitching? Why or why not? If you do, do you tend to get in over your head and why?

Hmmm. I was going to say "no" to this one, but in a way I DO do some "obligation" pieces....however, the deadlines are typically self-imposed. With a few small exceptions (the recently finished potpourri roll, Christmas ornies from last year, a small wedding gift or 2), I tend to give the gift when it is finished, not on any set date. I've never done a round robin or an exchange, in part because I know my flighty stitching tendencies! Oh, and you'll rarely hear me refer to a piece as an "obligation"...I stitch what I like for people I like, and I don't often see this as an imposition or obligation. If I felt that I HAD to do something, I'd probably never do it.....

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I'm still going on Once Upon a Time....I'll try to remember to take a picture this weekend! I'm up to her shoulders, hopefully soon she'll have a head. (But don't get too excited, I'm a bit bogged down in the giant red sleeve right now.)
The LNS called yesterday, and the baby bear piece is framed and ready for me to pick up. Great timing, since I got about $30 in birthday money! hehehehe Hmmm, I wonder what might be in the sale bins. Or should I treat myself to the 2 "Town Square" designs that Just Nan has released? I love the spring square, with the beautiful swan charm in the center. Of course, if I buy the first 2, I'll have to acquire the other 2 when they are released so I can have the full set......

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