Monday, April 24, 2006

Stitchy Weekend Goodness

I felt absolutely no guilt about stitching this weekend....I cleaned the house top-to-bottom for the in-law visit last week, I put in my time at the gym, a certain "visitor" was around so DH had no chance at relations, and it was a rather gloomy weekend stitch away!!!

Saturday I made a run to the LNS to pick up the framed piece for my friend's daughter. It came out perfect! Nothing too fancy, so it won't overpower any decorating now or in the future. I think it is a bit smaller than the "Peep" piece I did for her sister, but they are very similar nonetheless.

And yes, there is glass in the frame. It look me a long time to find the right spot to photograph it and avoid a flash reflection! (And please disregard the ugly wallpaper.....)

While I was at the LNS I also picked up Just Nan's "Spring in the Square," and the charm for the center. I just love the pretty little swans! I think I might try doing the whole series - she's only released 2 so far, and I don't have the "Winter" one - on one piece of fabric, though. Miracle of miracles, the LNS owner was actually friendly!! Not sure why....but I won't complain. Maybe she'll make the connection between friendly service and more sales, and continue to be less bristly? I won't hold my breath.

Saturday I also continued with "Once Upon a Time." Here she is, with a good chunk of her left sleeve done, 2 hands now, and the bottom of the skirt completely finished. Still quite a ways to go, but I feel better having put in some serious stitching time on her.

Sunday I put OUAT away and decided to start the wedding sampler for our friends. They haven't even set a date yet, but when it comes to a stitched gift, it is NEVER to early for me to start (heck, OUAT has been on the frame for about 2 YEARS now...)! I'm using a Joan Elliott design from an issue of Cross Stitch Gold, very similar to her "Wedding Prayer" pattern, but a bit different. And I will be charting my own verse. I'm using a 32-ct. Jobelan, Bay Rum. I love the color, but forgot that I'm not a big fan of counts above 28. For some reason, my stitches start to look messier on higher-count fabrics. I'm not sure if they actually ARE messier or if it is just because my eye is used to seeing the larger x's on 28-ct.


Kali said...

Your framed piece looks great :) I've had the same experience with shop owners. Some of them act like they don't really want to be in business, its very frustrating. Its always nice to find one who loves what they are doing, etc :)

Kim said...

Your little bear turned out so cute! And OUAT is looking so great, this is such a pretty pattern. :D Glad you had a productive weekend! :D

Singular Stitches said...

Very nice progress!!