Wednesday, December 14, 2005

an RAK and a new back door

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a little envelope in my contained Just Nan's "Holly Knot" and "Lacy Diamond" patterns! One of the gals from The Wagon BB sent them to me - photocopies, but they were freebies, I think, and actually have a "may be reproduced" disclaimer on them. So my conscience is clear! I'm so excited. I wanted to do "Holly Knot" in the worst way....but now I'm chomping at the bit to do "Lacy Diamond" on the same Victorian red lugana that I used for the blackwork ornament (posted last month). Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

I'd also love to do the "Mermaids of the Deep Blue" SAL that Carol is starting on January 1....but "Once Upon a Time" is occupying my big scroll frame right now. I'm afraid if I take her off, she'll NEVER get finished. Although I COULD use this as an opportunity to get a second frame... *evil grin*

Last night I stitched on my "Night Wizard" and watched The Amazing Race. Yay Linz family! They were one of my favorite teams. And in February they'll be starting another Race, this one with the usual teams of 2. Just from the little teaser preview, I had to giggle about the "nerd" team. That would totally be me and DH!

Oh, and I have a question for my readers....what do you do with "sub-standard" finishing experiments? It seems everyone has been posting pics of beautifully finished ornies and such lately. My ornies are ok, but not great - it is frustrating, really. I was thinking of sending a few away as RAKs or gifts....but now I'm afraid they aren't very good. *sigh*

In non-stitching news, our new back door looks great! We need to get some silicone caulk around the casing in a few spots - it is still a bit drafty - but now we can actually USE our back door, which a gigantic improvement.


Kim said...

Well you could re-do them...but I'm sure that would be a pain. I think the question is how "bad" are they. I sometimes think that when we compare our work to others it shows off sub-standard, when in fact it is actually quite nice. I'm sure that if you gift them to someone they will treasure them because they came from you. :D Remember we are all our worst critics.

AnneS said...

I agree with Kim re your 'sub-standard' ornies - sometimes we're our worst critics ... what we see as imperfect, is treasured by the recipient who can't see what we class as a flaw :) I try not to be too critical of my stitching anymore and just enjoy the process - I'm still learning about finishing, but try not to beat myself up about it :)